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Most remote workers know about cafes and coworking. But there are other options for digital nomads who need a productive place to work. We’re thinking outside the box to bring you some creative ideas for finding work space on the road.
Many digital nomads, even complete newbies, join Facebook groups to find answers to their everyday life as a remote worker. These groups provide guidance, advice on how to start out, and new ways and ideas for continuing. They are a place to admit your fears, share your goals, or find someone who can have your […]
Going remote can be a cost-effective way to see the world while you work. But there’s more to digital nomad expenses than transportation and accommodation. In the first part of our series The Hidden Costs of Going Remote, we look at the travel costs we often forget about.

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"It's definitely not for everyone, but with the right people in the right positions it can benefit both parties".
Zack Reboletti, GetWebFocused
"You expand your pool of candidates to hire and the company saves money on salaries and office space".
Konrad Waliszewski, TripScout App
Life is way too short to wonder 'what if.' Just make sure you have a bit of money behind you and some experience in your field
Kerry Needs, freelancer

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Video Conference
"The ultimate (HD) video conferencing tool."
"Create a timer, share it with your team and get ready for more productive meetings."
"Never worry again about timezones within your team"