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Which have been the advantages and disadvantages of launching an app while having a remote based team? Tali from The Library of Miss Gadish shares her experience.
As remote professionals, every time we go to a new destination one of our first tasks is to find nice places to work from, which can be sometimes a challenge if we haven’t been there in the past. We provide you with the tools to find those places anywhere in the globe.
Stay, enjoy & repeat... from somewhere else! As a location independent freelance, your life works three dimensions: Space, Time, Internet speed

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I Googled “how to start my own business” and, drawing on my previous professional experience.
Kevin Martin
I think working remotely requires a certain personality.
Annkatrin Doll
"I love remote work as it really suits my personal working style and personality."
Kat Loughrey

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Video Conference
"The ultimate (HD) video conferencing tool."
"Create a timer, share it with your team and get ready for more productive meetings."
"Never worry again about timezones within your team"