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A laptop is the universal tool for remote workers and digital nomads. But the average laptop screen is only 15 inches, which can seriously limit productivity. Here are four ways to increase your screen’s “real estate” and get more done.
Margo Stone speak with us about tested out two different types of remote working experiences: Use coliving spaces vs. Do It Yourself!
Experts suggest that up to 90% of communication is nonverbal, and it’s much harder to communicate with body language when you’re not in the room, and the interviewer can only see your head and shoulders via a webcam. Then, here are some tips on how to nail your remote interview presentation.

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Life is way too short to wonder 'what if.' Just make sure you have a bit of money behind you and some experience in your field
Kerry Needs, freelancer
"Hiring remote workers means they can tap into a much larger talent pool compared to hiring in just one city or maybe country".
Jennifer Lachs by Digital Nomad Girls
Companies need to stop being control freaks and trust that their employees!
Margo Stoney, from High Mountain Creative

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Video Conference
"The ultimate (HD) video conferencing tool."
"Create a timer, share it with your team and get ready for more productive meetings."
"Never worry again about timezones within your team"