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I am going to talk about what I’ve learnt in the past 18 months of running freelance, remote teams. And it’s a lot. So strap in!
In Remoters we are gathering information about all the existing colivings around the world, here's what we got - help us to add even more!
Which are the most cost-effective options for international money transfer? Lexi Mills shares tips in Remoters to save money on them. Check them out!

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Remote working is an amazing benefit, and you will open up a whole new pool of talent (worldwide!) by supporting your employees with this option.
James Nylen
"We treat the work in the same professional way, but it allows us to tap into an amazing talent which we might not be able to find locally".
Sandra Lewis
"Mostly I work from NYC, and I have to be honest, there is nothing like it".
Aaron Friedman

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Video Conference
"The ultimate (HD) video conferencing tool."
"Create a timer, share it with your team and get ready for more productive meetings."
"Never worry again about timezones within your team"