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    Hiring remote-based workers has a myriad of benefits. But how you transition to a remote work setting if you're office based? take a look at these tips!
    Taking good care of your mental health is essential for your remote work journey as will make you happier, healthier and more productive. Take a look how!
    Coffee shops are one of the top places work remotely, but how to find a good one? Take a look at this post to see criteria, websites and apps to identify the best coffee shop to work at!

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    "We have over 200 remote employees at HubSpot and they are among our happiest employee cohorts at the company."
    Siobhán McGinty
    "To operate effectively we test and adept best approaches from other spheres. The model for our recruitment steps structure is a sales pipeline - the set of actions taken by sellers from initial contact to signing a contract. "
    "At Scopic, we believe that trust is everything when dealing with remote workers. Micromanagers need not apply... We value individual and team output more than punching in a time card."
    Scopic Software

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    The digital nomad & remote work events, meetups & conferences you can’t miss.

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    Check out places to stay and work from when travelling the world

    Improve your remote work with tools

    A selection of the best tools for digital nomads & remote teams.

    Increase productivity, organize and prioritize work, even when your organization is spread across different cities and time zones.
    Monitask is an Employee Monitoring Software with screenshots, Internet, Activity and Time Tracking.
    Teeming is a cloud based tool that makes it easy for remote teams to bond and do deep work, together, in real-time.
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