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    Remote work is booming and moving to be able to work at an amazing company is becoming a thing of the past! Take a look at 7 amazing remote based companies hiring now 👩🏻‍💻✈️🌏
    Which are the cheapest but also attractive and safe places with good enough internet connection to travel in 2018? Here you have some of them.
    Choosing to become a digital nomad is a big decision that requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. Check out this checklist to avoid missing anything important ☝️

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    "If a company try ones remote jobs it`s 99% chance to like it."
    Daniel Todorov,
    "If you are working remotely make sure you don't work alone all the time, spend time in a base and even visit co-working spaces to bounce ideas of similar people once in a while."
    David Iwanow
    "We believe in people and confidence in the power to get the best results. Don’t believe a distance of 2m or 2000km is going to modify the desire to make things the right way and the team rapport".

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    "Glip allows users to communicate in real time through various channels, including IM, voice calling, video conferencing, email, and much more".
    Project Management
    Bynder Orbit is a free all-in-one solution for you to smartly manage your creative files.
    Project Management
    Project management tool that has time tracking fully integrated, and even offers Trello-like boards and Gannt charts. Simple to use, and onboard new team members into.