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Getting your head down and concentrating on work can be tough when you’re constantly on the move. Here are some of the best noise-cancelling headphones (with microphones) for digital nomads!
If you’re thinking about coming to Lisbon to live and work remotely, read this guide to get the lowdown on nomad life in this fantastic city.
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"I think the best employees are happy employees, so I think companies should focus on obtaining that result, even if it means some people are out of the office."
Duane Storey, Lindell Media Inc.
"If a company try ones remote jobs it`s 99% chance to like it."
Daniel Todorov,
"If you are working remotely make sure you don't work alone all the time, spend time in a base and even visit co-working spaces to bounce ideas of similar people once in a while."
David Iwanow

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"Glip allows users to communicate in real time through various channels, including IM, voice calling, video conferencing, email, and much more".
Project Management
Bynder Orbit is a free all-in-one solution for you to smartly manage your creative files.
Project Management
Project management tool that has time tracking fully integrated, and even offers Trello-like boards and Gannt charts. Simple to use, and onboard new team members into.