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    The best work from home products -from furniture to supplies- you can buy to make your home office a comfortable and productive place.
    Which are the top non-tech remote jobs in 2019? Take a look at these 7 non-tech jobs that are being hired remotely and companies doing it so.
    A fluid team communication is one of the main challenges of remote work. Here are some actionable tips to follow to overcome remote work communication issues!

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    "As a legal consultant who has worked 10+ years in international financial consulting company, I have learned a great deal about various jurisdictions and remote company management. Estonia so far is the best option how to manage taxes and work remotely."
    Interview with Reinis Sietins
    "I think in the end, this kind of lifestyle is also more useful for the companies and clients that we work with because the work gets done more productively, and it’s done with positive feelings."
    Enelin Paas
    "It takes someone with huge amounts of self-motivation and discipline as you're the only person accountable for yourself!"
    Tamara Thurman

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    Wurkr is a video platform that replicates your physical office, online! You can communicate & work with your distributed, remote colleagues visibly and in real-time wherever they may be. is an onward flight service. A legitimate onward flight ticket can be received within 2 minutes, it only costs $12 and is valid for 48h
    Increase productivity, organize and prioritize work, even when your organization is spread across different cities and time zones.
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