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If you’re thinking about coming to Chiang Mai in Thailand to live and work remotely, read this guide to get the lowdown on nomad life in this fantastic city.
The Camino de Santiago is an incredibly popular journey that thousands of pilgrims have embarked upon... but is it feasible to do it while being a digital nomad? Take a look
Need a remote work friendly laptop that is not expensive but light and powerful? Here are some remote work friendly laptops you can take on your digital nomad travels with you!

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"To operate successfully as a remote company, you need everyone in your team to incorporate the entire remote work lifestyle".
Christian Mairoll, Emsisoft
"Find a way to stay organized, and stick to it. I rely on bullet journaling a lot - and append a daily diary to keep track of conversations, follow-up items and things I talk about with others".
Eric Lander, d50 media
"I have the ability to live where I feel the most creative. It also makes my career and personal development opportunities that much richer. I don’t feel limited to employment prospects in one-city."
Stefanie Grieser, Sphere

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"Twist is a team communication app that helps remote companies cultivate more organized, less stressful teamwork. From Doist, the makers of Todoist".
"Tadum is the online agenda that helps teams run high-value meetings. Tadum keeps your team consistent, efficient, and accountable by streamlining the habits of high-value meetings".
"Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails".