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If you’re thinking about going to Porto to live and work remotely, read this guide to get the lowdown on the digital nomad life here! Take a look.
How can you work remotely while keeping a high productivity? Take a look at these tips to maintain a high work productivity as a remote based professional.
Maintaining productivity or protecting work data is one of those critical aspects to be a digital nomad! Check out a few life hacks to facilitate your day to day.

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"The main disadvantage of working remotely is that you need to have some discipline to separate personal life and professional life. It's not always easy."
Stephanie Kable
"My life dictates when, where, and how I work -- not the other way around. Every advantage stems from that one fundamental shift."
Taylor Coil
"I'm glad that technology is enabling more of us to work from anywhere, and I think that will soon be the norm, but there will always be traditional offices."
Gil and Anya Gildner

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Tropic is collaboration software for a new generation of remote teams working in different locations across the world. 
Dashlane is a password manager that allows you to save your passwords in a secure way.
A virtual workplace developed for remote teams to keep updated, easily communicate and interact.