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    Learn to easily calculate your digital nomad budget: what to take into consideration and tools to facilitate to establish your expected expenses.
    Running Remote is the world’s largest conference for remote companies. Here’s a roundup of top tips from this year’s conference, held on June 29th-30th.
    If you’re thinking about going to Valencia, Spain to live and work remotely, read this guide to get the lowdown on the digital nomad life!

    Get inspired by remote working professionals

    Read about digital nomads’ & remote based professionals’ journeys for location independence.

    "My work-life balance and healthy habits have improved significantly with the ability to choose where I set up for the day. "
    Sarah Archer
    "It's time to change that old mindset!. There are many talented people out there that you can work with. Thanks to technology you can work with anyone from anywhere. Beware that soon remote work might be the norm ;)"
    Juan Ortega
    "Freedom to organise my own time, no office politics, no commute, working in an environment of my choosing. Add to that the nomad aspect, and the fact that the environment changes regularly is a big boost."
    Jason Barnard

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    The digital nomad & remote work events, meetups & conferences you can’t miss.

    Find a coliving to stay around the world

    Check out places to stay and work from when travelling the world

    Improve your remote work with tools

    A selection of the best tools for digital nomads & remote teams.

    Increase productivity, organize and prioritize work, even when your organization is spread across different cities and time zones.
    Monitask is an Employee Monitoring Software with screenshots, Internet, Activity and Time Tracking.
    Teeming is a cloud based tool that makes it easy for remote teams to bond and do deep work, together, in real-time.
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