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How to effectively hire a remote based team of professionals? Learn more about the tips, criteria and resources Adinton use.
Maybe you're motived by the vibe at a cool café. Or, maybe you prefer the business-like set up of a co-working space. But have you ever considered which option is better for your budget? We take compared the costs in four different digital nomad cities.
There’s more to digital nomad expenses than transportation and accommodation. Staying healthy gets more complicated when you’re on the road. In the part two of our series we look at the costs of taking care of yourself.

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"It's definitely not for everyone, but with the right people in the right positions it can benefit both parties".
Zack Reboletti, GetWebFocused
"You expand your pool of candidates to hire and the company saves money on salaries and office space".
Konrad Waliszewski, TripScout App
Life is way too short to wonder 'what if.' Just make sure you have a bit of money behind you and some experience in your field
Kerry Needs, freelancer

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Project Management
"No more spreadsheets or docs to share the information".
"Light communication & project management tool"
"The communication & collaboration platform for distributed teams"