10 European Coworking Spaces Perfect for Startups

European coworking is booming as entrepreneurs from all over the world adopt the nomadic approach and bring their company— i.e. their laptop and whatever they can carry— to new cities abroad. Not only does it expose you personally to new experiences, it helps your business to meet other start-ups and freelancers and see just how business is done in other countries. Fresh perspectives and potential partnerships are always a good thing.

So, if you’re backpacking through Europe or if you’re looking to meet other nomads, I present our Top 10 European Coworking Spaces perfect for startups.

1. Rocket Labs, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rocket Labs CopenhagenLocated in Nørrebro, Rocket Labs is a coworking community anchored in media, tech, and design.

It’s a large, open space with plenty of seating and private offices, whiteboards, big windows, and 24/7 access, that’s perfect for working and networking.

The space really takes fostering its community seriously. Along with the usual social and professional events, free coffee, and foosball table, Rocket Labs looks for ways to provide members with admin and IT support packages so the entrepreneurs in their space can focus on their visions. And they’ve even partnered with their upstairs neighbors, NOR, to offer a range of services from yoga, exercise, dance, acupuncture, coaching, and light bites.

It’s a place that definitely has your back.

2. Huckletree, London, United Kingdom

Huckletree Shoreditch, London

The delightfully named Huckletree in London is as bold as the 90s-inspired graphic wallpaper donning their walls.

Their Instagram profile even claims that it’s a space for, “renegades, rebels, and thought leaders.” With thoughtfully placed lounge areas and non-traditional annexes, it’s taking the traditional office to task, encouraging conversation, collaboration, or the occasional acoustic jam sesh. There are tons of fun amenities like a meditation yurt, a ride-in-bike ramp, and a VR/AR studio.

Huckletree also focuses on helping their members with their well-being with workshops, as well as their socializing, with breakfasts one day and happy hours the next.

It’s more of a buzzing hub than a workspace.

3. Beta-i, Lisbon, Portugal

Beta-i, Lisbon

Lisbon’s been growing in the startup and entrepreneur scene in the last five years, attracting major start ups and encouraging more business with their dynamic accelerator program, the Lisbon Challenge.

At the center of it all is Beta-i, which has supported over 500 Portuguese start-ups. CEO and space cofounder Pedro Rocha Vieira claims the “i” stands for innovation, imagination, initiative, inspiration . . . just to give you an idea. Fun things include a terrace for all the vitamin D you want, a sunny office space with plenty of plants, and a top floor overlooking the terra-cotta shingled roofs below.

Their dog-friendly space also includes a wall of encouraging books and an event space with comfy squabs and low tables, perfect for those collaborative sprints and presentations.

4. NUMA, Paris, France

Numa, ParisThe Sentier district in Paris has always been the heart of small businesses, historically in textiles, and it’s evolved in recent years into a neighborhood of dozens of startups and coworking spaces. One that stands out is Numa. Numa is like your cool friend’s edgy, industrial loft with homey accents lining shelves on the walls like friendly faces, crochet-hanging potted plants, and velvet couches.

The space is comfortably situated with an array of seats and nooks—like a few choice terraces on a few floors—so that running into a fellow entrepreneur and striking up a conversation is inevitable. Numa is a digital ecosystem, fostering tech start-ups with the right environment for coworking, plenty of events, training, and accelerator classes and mentors.

A large neon sign hangs in Numa, which reads, “always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting,” and this space encourages just that.

5. Makers of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Mob, Barcelona

You’re bound to meet someone new at Makers of Barcelona—also affectionately known as MOB. Flexible seating in the white, open space and the accompanying specialty coffee corner Milk & Co. encourages polite chit-chat. You can also opt for dedicated desks, workshop rooms complete with desks or boards, meeting rooms, and event space.

The entire set up feels like you’re in a studio with stark white walls, arches, columns . . . oh and the Fabcafe. What is the Fabcafe, you ask? Consider it a playground for makers with cutting edge technologies from 3D printers to a Trotec laser cutter at the ready for anyone who enters. Someone’s always working on something interesting in design or tech.

MOB’s philosophy is simple—give you the tools to bring your idea to life and encourage you to connect with others.

6. Impact Hub, Bucharest, Romania

Impact Hub Bucharest

Impact Hub is a perfect entrepreneurial environment. The space has a variety of raised nooks, cozy booths, and desks spread out for you to have a productive day with your team or for you to have a quick chat with your neighbor.

The design itself feels inspiring—walls of windows, colorful graphics, and sheer printed wall dividers. There’s even an outdoor space that feels more relaxed with neutral tiling and hanging wicker seats. Plus there are tons of perks from coffee and tea, conference rooms, and phone booths.

The space can also give you the hook up with plenty of interesting events that can help entrepreneurs scale up, find mentors, and assist in establishing your business in Romania.

7. Work & Share, Sofia, Bulgaria

Work and Share Sofia

Work & Share’s goal is to foster dialogue and create a more collaborative culture. The chic space is super modern and airy with communal seating, a mini-arena area with pillows, and lounge spots decorated with iron, glass, and reclaimed wood. But larger teams can opt for dedicated desks or private offices.

There’s also a Skype room, pool table, ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and an onsite cafe—oh, and meeting “houses” that look like actual houses from the outside and offer midspace for groups to convene. It’s also dog-friendly, which is always helpful when meeting fellow entrepreneurs for the first time.

The space is relatively new but it’s already on its way, building a tight community of fun people, ready to meet.

8. Space Shack, Berlin, Germany

Space Shack Berlin

Space Shack in Berlin is a sleeker, more modern version of 2001: A Space Odyssey. With the white walls, the circular windows, and clean lines, you can’t help but feel like Stanley Kubrick would have a field day shooting in this space, even if it’s for a fun event.

It’s a multi-purpose space with a variety of seating, like a lounge area with beanbags, couches, and minimal decor, and a communal area with desks spread out for flex seats. Teams can get their own space and there’s a show stopping conference room with a chaotic technological print. Basic amenities include coffee, phone booths, and, more importantly, a fun community.

The space has plenty of fun and helpful events from speed networking, pitch nights, talks with lawyers, and app presentations, perfect for getting feedback.

9. Embassy House, Stockholm, Sweden

Embassy House, Stockholm

Embassy House in Stockholm should be your go-to when you’re in the city. There’s a strong sense of work and play in the flexible office. From the conference rooms designated by retro video games like Tetris and Pong (also the newly fitted Pacman), to the daily food truck outside—apparently a different one every day.

Granted, maybe that playfulness comes from Embassy House’s DNA. It serves as a hub for VR, gaming, media, and digital platforms, and hosts plenty of events, like the Stockholm small business meet-up. People seem to always be convening over something fun or food oriented.

Along with excellent wifi, the space’s entrance starts with a cafe, perfect for those morning “watercooler chats” and perhaps the occasional ice cream surprise in the afternoon.

10. Tribes, Amsterdam, Holland

Tribes, Amsterdam

Tribes, the appropriately named coworking space, is an inviting assembly for digital nomads. Maybe you just happened to stop by Amsterdam? Maybe you want to find new freelancer friends? There are several locations to choose from in Amsterdam, along with virtual offices and meeting rooms.

As a general rule, Tribes is a welcoming spot with comfy lounge areas in a modern space with flexible seating and a design that celebrates all corners of the world and cultures. It also has your back with some sweet amenities from a dry cleaning service, high-speed internet, a coffee bar, fitness spots, and an amazing library lounge.

Oh and did we mention a shoe repair service? Tribes knows you’ve been roaming and is ready for you and your weary feet.

There you have it—10 perfect spaces to start your European trek. Hopefully you meet someone new and find a new collaborator along the way. Happy travels!

Georgette Eva, getcroissant.comGuest post by: Georgette Eva. She is the community manager at Croissant, the app that lets you access the best coworking spaces in your city. She loves traveling, finding new eats, and always meeting new people in their own adventures. Follow her on Instagram @yaygeorgette!.

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