10 Tools For Successful Remote Teams

Tools for successful remote teamsWorking remotely is an exciting opportunity for many. Yet remaining connected, organized, and feeling like you’re part of a team can be somewhat of a challenge. Luckily technology is catching up with the incredible increase in remote teams, so there are now a variety of excellent tools available to help your team be more successful.


The biggest challenge in working remotely is organization, especially when you are working collaboratively with others on the same project. However, there are some great tools that can help streamline the process.


Asana was created to help teams track their projects and tasks. You can assign tasks, see at a glance what work is due, track the status of a project, communicate, share files, and more, quickly and easily without emails.


Trello is an easy-to- use organizational system for your individual tasks, entire projects and more. You can track anything and everything from your lists of what needs to be done today, to ideas, completed tasks and more. Because it syncs across all devices using apps, so you always stay on task.

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Wunderlist is another organizing tool that allows you to keep projects and tasks organized and in one place. This one is great for not just work, but also your personal life. You can organize your lists into folders, share them with others, create notifications, reminders, due dates and more. It’ll help you keep on track with everything you need to do.


Communication is key to maintaining your role in the team. The right tools will make communication effortless.


Slack is a collaboration app that provides a communication solution for teams. More than instant messaging, it allows you to communicate with one person or a group, share files, organize conversations by theme, and search the archive. It can be used from a variety of platforms and has a free starter program, as well as more complete plans.

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Skype is the ultimate go-to video communication tool today. It can be used for both personal and business calls. You can do one-on- one calls, group video calls, screen sharing, file sharing and more across any type on internet-enabled device. It has both free service and Skype for business for larges companies.


HipChat is a great tool for communicating with your team members, regardless of where they are. You can share files, make video calls, share screens and more, so you can have real meetings with everyone regardless of distance. It also has amazing features like solid security and is fully searchable.


Sqwiggle is an exciting tool that creates a visual water cooler feel, allowing you to see your coworkers while you work. The video chat tool is one that takes screenshots of participants every couple of minutes. This allows everyone on the call to see what others are doing, and just click on an image to start a chat.


CloudApp allows you to easily share documents, videos, images, files and more. You can also do quick recording and screenshots that you can share with your co-workers. This technology makes collaborating easier than ever.

Unique Tools

Of course, there are always the unusual tools that you probably never realized you might need.


F.lux is an app that adjusts the display of your computer to sync with the time of day. This makes it easier on your eyes when you are in front of your computer screen. Because your screen is easier to see, your eyes are less tired and you can sleep better at night.

World Time Buddy

WorldTimeBuddy.com tells you exactly what time it is in other parts of the world, and you can select the exact locations. This is an excellent tool if your team or customers are in different time zones.

Remote workers who take the time to seek out and use different tools specifically geared to their roles will find that they are more successful and productive, have fewer issues with isolation, and maintain the feeling of being a part of a team.

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  1. ProofHub is another great tool for keeping remote teams together. A great communication and collaboration tool for managing your teams, time and tasks.

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