5 Apps for Staying Fit when traveling as a Digital Nomad

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Staying fit while traveling can be a challenge—changes in your habits and routine, hopping over time zones, heading out to beer-fuelled nomad meet-ups, and being tempted by tasty new foreign foods can completely rip apart whatever healthy efforts you had in place back home.

If you’re living in one place for an extended period of time, you may be able to join a local gym or workout class, but if your lifestyle has you frequently on the move, committing to fitness becomes that much harder.

Thankfully, there are a few apps and websites out there to make it easier for you to keep your body moving, even when your travel schedule keeps you moving.

1. Seven

Get Seven on iOS | Get Seven on Android

Short and sweaty is the theme for this HIIT app that says it can get you fit in just seven minutes a day. The workouts are designed to use nothing more than a wall, a chair and your own body weight, making them ideal for remoters who are on the move and short on free time. Workouts can be tailored to your fitness level with some 200 exercises within the app to choose from.

A personal trainer is also available to give virtual support, and a daily workout challenge is there to motivate and remind you when you’re thinking of skipping a day. A community feature enables you to stay motivated by competing with other friends also on the app.

Unlike most other fitness apps on this list, Seven doesn’t have a free version or free trial period, but subscriptions can be bought on a monthly or yearly basis, both with auto-renewal.

2. Freeletics Bodyweight

Get Freelectics Bodyweight on iOS | Get Freelectics Bodyweight on Android

A no-nonsense, sweat-pumping app that’s all about going harder, faster and stronger. There are more than 900 workouts available in the app, ranging from 10 to 30 minutes in length and all using only your bodyweight – perfect for when you don’t have any equipment handy. There’s also a “2×2” setting that tailors workouts to fit within just 2 metres by 2 metres of training space.

The initial download is free, but if you want something more customised, there’s a paid subscription available called “The Coach” that gives you a personal digital trainer and training plan based on a fitness test and your choice of goals: losing weight, building muscle or improving overall fitness.

If you like a bit of competition, you can add friends, track their progress and send accolades within the app.

3. Sworkit

Get Sworkit on iOS | Get Sworkit on Android

Sleek-looking Sworkit goes for total authority in the fitness space, following the parameters set by the American College of Sports Medicine is its main selling feature. The app offers a 6-week program to help you get leaner, fitter or stronger, and plans are available for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. The packed database includes exercises that rely solely on your own body weight, so you won’t need access to a gym or any equipment. Routines range from yoga for runners to Pilates to 5-minute abs.

The upgraded Premium version (monthly subscription) offers guided workout plans, access to a real trainer for advice, and custom interval-based routines, such as HIIT and Tabata.

4. Daily Burn

Get Daily Burn on iOS | Get Daily Burn on Android

If you need the motivation of a fitness class to work out but can’t get to one in-person, Daily Burn may solve your workout woes. The app features videos of over 1,000 class-style workouts, with options such as dance, high-intensity cardio, yoga and strength training. Workouts are recommended based on an initial assesment that notes your goals, difficulty level and how much time you have to work out. In addition to the library of classes, there are also new 30-minute workouts available daily, which are targeted to beginner level and are available on-demand for 24 hours.

The app is free for 30 days when you sign up, after which it automatically switches to a monthly subscription. There’s also a Premium version that includes all daily workouts for the past year, as well as a separate paid option for adding one-on-one coaching to your account.

In addition to the workout videos, Daily Burn also offers meal plans and recipes, and a live chat feature with other app users.

5. MyFitnessPal

Get MyFitnessPal on iOS | Get MyFitnessPal on Android

This friendly in tone, free app makes monitoring your nutrition incredibly easy, with a partially user-generated library of pretty much every dish you can think of, from chain restaurants to homemade dishes (yes, you’ll even find entries for khao soi in Chiang Mai and street pupusas in El Salvador). If you frequently do your own cooking, you can also add your own recipes to the library.

Beyond just calories, you can also track fat, protein, carb and macronutrient intake within the app, and set various nutrition goals accordingly. The paid premium version has more in-depth food analysis and lets you vary your food goals by day, by meal and by the amount of exercise you’ve done.

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