5 Places Where Digital Nomads Can Work Remotely

As a location independent freelance, your life works three dimensions:

  • Space
  • Time
  • Internet speed

Where and when to work are obviously key “dimensions” to your day-to-day as a remoter, but internet speed can be as critical to get things done when working on the go and all together, they define your productivity and success.

The idea of working from anywhere at any time is great, but it can quickly become a headache if you cannot synchronize with a continuously different timetable and location. To this, you need to add the critical requirement of having reliable internet speed to be able to develop your work online.

This is why the following location alternatives tend to work well to synchronize these three fundamental elements of space, time and reliable internet connection for the “always in need to be productive” location independent professional:

1. Your Home

Home Spot

I bet this is your first option. Nothing can be done better than at home!

You know the place, you don’t need to pay anything extra for it (e.g you can save on water, light and gas), you can work in your pajamas, and you can even do the laundry in between your work calls… WAIT, WHAT?! That’s the main issue when working from home: It can become challenging to focus on work when you’re in your house and there’s so many other things that you can be doing there.

To help with this challenge it is also recommended to leave a specific space for work in your house, and avoid taking care of anything else that is not work during your working hours.

Another issue is that you might sometimes feel a bit alone at home and feel the need to interact with other professionals, especially if you’re an extrovert. This is why sometimes if you work from home it might be also advisable to mix it sometimes with some of the other locations!

Working from home?

  • Pros: All the comfort and environment control of your own house! Reliable internet with zero additional expenses.
  • Cons: You might end-up doing “house stuff” and not only working, it might become more difficult to focus on work. It might be a bit lonely.

2. Hotels

Spots for working

If you’re traveling and staying for a shorter period of time in a certain city but you also need to work in a space where you have maximum control, as well as a reliable internet, then a hotel might be the best-straight forward option for you.

And not only for short stays, maybe you have been traveling for a long period of time and of course, you don’t think of hotels as an option as they will tend to be more expensive than other accommodation options, however, sometimes they will be available for a shorter period of time (during hours!)… enough for you to refresh, recharge, upload that job that requires broadband or do that important call.

The problem is that hotels tend to be more expensive right? At least some hotels in Europe and cities across America & Asia can be already booked by-the-hour, and you can choose to check-in at any time and pay only for the hours you need, instead by complete nights, check out ByHours.com for this (GET a 20% discount with this CODE: REMOTERS).

With this option you also get to use hotels’ services just like any other guest, so you can go to the swimming pool … and brag a bit about you luxury life on Instagram 😉

Working from Hotels?

  • Pros: More control of the space, with zero distraction and reliable internet for short-stay
  • Cons: It might be not as cheap as your own home, although cheaper options are now available with “by-the-hour” service.

3. Coworking Spaces

Coworking SpotIf you need day-to-day interaction with other professionals, look to network and learn from others and participate in local events, then coworking spaces will be the best option for you.

In a coworking space, you will have a similar vibe than the one you have at an office… your internet will be likely good, you will have an “office looking” space to work from and even to meet with other people, but you will also need to commute there every day so it might be wise that you choose a coworking space near where you’re living.

Additionally, it might become challenging to focus sometimes if the coworking space is very busy and there are events going on -that sometimes might be not relevant for you-. So you might want to keep that in mind in case you need to do work that requires a quiet location.

If you like the coworking space option, check out Copass, that offers the largest network of coworking spaces around the world that you can access with a single pass.

Working from coworking spaces?

  • Pros: The work environment vibe, the opportunity to speak and interact with other people, reliable internet connection.
  • Cons: More noise and less control of the environment, the need to commute there everyday.

4. Coffee Shops

Cafe Spot

If you’re a digital nomad who don’t know the amount of time that you’ll spend at a specific location it might be more challenging to “commit” to a specific place to work from, like your home or a coworking space, and find a great alternative in coffee shops around the world.

The problem is that is sometimes hard to find coffee shops that have reliable internet to connect from and are also quiet enough that will allow you to actually do work. This is why is sometimes suggested to keep to a known coffee shop chain or brand that you already know, as they will tend to comply with certain standards.

The positive is that while working you can drink delicious coffee (which is always a good thing :D).

Working from Coffee Shops?

  • Pros: Since there are coffee shops almost everywhere in the world these might be the easiest location to work from when you’re travelling.
  • Cons: More noise and less control of the environment, as well as potentially a less reliable internet connection.

5. Co-Living Communities

Coliving Spot

If you’re traveling and have a better idea of the time you want to spend at a certain location, then a coliving space might be the ideal option for you, since you will have it all there: accommodation and a coworking space along an already established community of other people like you to interact with!

The community is a big incentive of coliving spaces, so besides allowing you to work along other professionals with similar interests and a reliable internet speed & comfortable desks to do it so, they will usually offer a great deal of options to organize meals and leisure activities with other people.

Although the coliving concept is rather new, since it offers many of the advantages of the coworking from anywhere you’re visiting as well as the comfort of staying there directly, it can certainly become a game changer.

Some coliving spaces require a minimum time to stay, and of course, there might always arise situations when you want to be by yourself or you don’t necessarily like the vibe of the specific community you are at, so these are aspects that you will likely also want to keep in mind when assessing which one is the best for you. If you’re interested in learning more about co-living spaces, check out our new coliving section where we have +50 places from all around the world!

Working from Co-Living Communities?

  • Pros: Live and work from wherever you’re travelling at. An already established community of other digital nomads to socialize. More reliable internet connection and work environment.
  • Cons: More distractions and noise.

As you can see, there’s an option for everybody and for any type of location you’re staying, whether big cities, the beach or even the mountain, you will likely always find a spot to work from!

Where are you working from today? Share it in the comments!

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