7 Great Remote Based Companies Hiring Now in 2019

Remote companies hiring remotely 2019Remote work is the dream, isn’t it? No bosses hanging over your head, the freedom to work from anywhere in world and make your own schedule.

But in order for that dream to come true, you’ll need a great company to work for. Fortunately, over 33% of companies surveyed in Buffer’s 2019 study offer completely remote positions.

In this post, we’ll show you the best companies hiring remotely in 2019. Let’s get you the perfect job!

1. Stripe Is Hiring!

Electronic payment systems have completely changed the way we handle payments today. And if you want to become a part of the team that makes getting paid easy, now you can.

Stripe, a $20bn startup headquartered in San Francisco, California, is looking for a variety of employees across different remote positions.

If you’re an engineer, developer, stock administrator or sanctions investigations analyst, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re looking for people just like you.

The company offers great benefits from in-depth mentorship and training to parental leave, health insurance plans (covering physical, mental, medical and even fertility benefits), and stock options.

You can check out open positions at Stripe and apply here.

2. Toggl

Toggl is an excellent time-tracking tool used by millions every day. However, they need great people to make it even better.

Even though Toggl is based in Tallinn, Estonia, their team members work from everywhere in the world. They’re currently hiring UI/UX designers and backend developers (PostgreSQL and Go).

The starting salaries for designers and developers are €48,000 and €50,000 annually, respectively.

Some of the benefits they offer are additional €2,000 for setting up your home office, 28 calendar days of paid time off and local holidays, as well as team meetups, retreats, and monthly reimbursements for wellness activities such as massages and gym memberships.

You can check out open positions at Toggl and apply here.

3. Hotjar

If you’re looking for a highly flexible remote work environment with excellent perks, start considering Hotjar.

As a company tracking user activity on the sites of their clients, Hotjar supports thousands of businesses every day from Malta (and everywhere else in the world). That’s why they’re hiring for nine positions in the departments of customer experience support, marketing, product and engineering, and operations.

Just some of the perks they provide are: €4,000 home office budget, €2,000/year holiday and work together budget each, €1,000 personal development budget and 16 weeks of parental leave.

You can check out open positions at Hotjar and apply here.

4. GitHub

GitHub, a web-based hosting service for Git version control, is one of the best remote-based working companies hiring in 2019!

Even though their HQ is in San Francisco, this Microsoft Corporation subsidiary offers remote work in departments such as: site design, engineering, legal, marketing, people operations, product, sales, security, services and support.

Since GitHub prizes work-life balance, they offer benefits which promote it.

As their employee, you’ll enjoy 100% health insurance coverage (which includes dental, mental and vision, as well), five months of paid parental leave, as well as personal development and wellness budgets.

You can browse positions and apply to work at Github here.

5. Airtable

If you’ve got a passion for visual task management and getting organized, you’ll be happy to know that Airtable is hiring!

This startup, which raised $100 million in Series C funding in November 2018, makes collaboration easier for numerous teams across the globe. And as a remote team member, you’ll be able to work with some of the best and brightest.

Airtable is currently hiring remote quality assurance analysts, visual communications designers, and customer support advocates.

Should you accept this mission, you could get 100% health care coverage, $2,000 annually for personal development, $100 monthly wellness budget, and generous paid time off, as well as sick and parental leaves.

Apply to work at Airtable here.

6. Aha!

If you want to be a part of a team creating product roadmap software and helping 250,000 businesses, you can apply to work at Aha!

Even though Aha!’s HQ is in Menlo Park, California, the team is completely distributed across the United States.

They’re currently hiring for positions in customer success, marketing, engineering and product. Everyone with the right qualifications who can work remotely from anywhere in the United States is eligible to apply.

You can expect employee benefits such as 401k plan, health insurance, and competitive PTO.

In addition to the basic benefits, Aha! employees can also participate in volunteering programs allowing them to give back to the society and connect with their team members.

Apply to work at Aha! here.

7. Stack Overflow

If you’re passionate about programming and tech, Stack Overflow may just be your next dream employer.

This company has been in business since 2008 and it’s the first place developers look for help. In order to stay amazing, Stack Overflow need great employees in product design, engineering, marketing and product management.

As a remote-first company, Stack Overflow offers all the benefits you may find handy: full health coverage for you and your family, office equipment for your home office, paid maternity and paternity leaves, as well as personal development stipends.

In addition to parental leaves, employees who are their child’s primary caregivers can work part-time for up to one year after the birth to make the transition period easier.

Find your perfect job at Stack Overflow.

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