7in7 Digital Nomad Conference. Year 5

7in7 Conference 2018Seven conferences over seven years to figure out how to have kids from the road, find your nomad soulmate, set up a home base, build a remote team, and much more.

    • Location: Cape Town, South Africa.
    • Start date: 2020-10-13.
    • Finish date: 2020-10-20.
    • Price: US$549.
    • Organised by: 7in7.
    • Language: English.
    • URL: http://7in7.co/
    • For: Remote workers and digital nomads.

Why come to 7in7? It’s…

  • EXCLUSIVELY for experienced nomads! Only people who have been location independent for more than a year can join the 7in7 family. We curate content for those of us who’ve been nomads for 3, 7, or even 15+ years.
  • An intimate space. Attendance is capped at 100 nomads to allow you to truly connect with speakers, founders, panelists, volunteers, and fellow attendees.
  • Less sitting, more engaging. We prioritize community-building with more small-scale breakout sessions and meetups, less sitting quietly in big theaters.
  • A whole week of content. From small meetups and epic parties to intensive workshops and challenging talks, the week is jam-packed with valuable events!
  • The people! The reason alumni return again and again: to make friends, build projects, start movements, and shape the future of location independence.
  • You’ll meet other long-term nomads and hear amazing speakers, attend panels and Q&A sessions, have parties and find volunteer opportunities.

Past Editions:

      • Year One. 2016: Asia. Bangkok, Thailand.
      • Year Two. 2017: Europe. Barcelona, Spain. (See video).
      • Year Three. 2018: S. American. Medellin, Colombia. (See video recap).
      • Year Four. 2019. Wellington, New Zealand. (See video recap).
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