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The top remote work events, conferences, and retreats from February until the end of 2019 that we recommend you to check out.
As new communications tools and technology platforms evolve, remote work will continue to evolve along with them. Here are the remote work trends to look for in 2019!
Check out which are the best virtual mailboxes services for Digital Nomads what will safely collect and alert you about new mail while you're away.

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"Commuting was really killing me. 1.5 hour one way means 3 hours a day x 5 days its... 15 hours in a train.. now I just close my laptop and I am in the home-mode"
Lukasz Zelezny
"Remote work requires transparency, honesty and commitment. But it is so rewarding — for you, your team and your clients."
Viola Eva
"If you don't trust your people to be their best, why did you even hire them? Monitoring presence is a total waste of time. Only the outcome matters."
Thomas Petit

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Dashlane is a password manager that allows you to save your passwords in a secure way.
A virtual workplace developed for remote teams to keep updated, easily communicate and interact.
Hubstaff is a powerful time and activity tracking and monitoring software for team productivity.