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    Check out the latest news & guides for digital nomads & remote based professionals on our Blog.

    As new communications tools and technology platforms evolve, remote work will continue to evolve along with them. Here are the remote work trends to look for in 2020!
    Learn how to start earning airlines miles and points through airlines, hotels and credit cards travel loyalty programs, to maximize your flying experience!
    Whatever your reasons for going remote, as with any job you need to make sure to create a strong application with your CV. Take a look at the ultimate guide to writing a standout remote focused resume.

    Get inspired by remote working professionals

    Read about digital nomads’ & remote based professionals’ journeys for location independence.

    "If there are positions within a company that are location independent, it makes no sense to tie people down to a location."
    Johannes Larsson
    "Invest your money in global people, not in the office."
    Roman Adamita
    "Companies need to start with a paint point in order to move to a remote work setting: most companies have a hard time finding top talent, and remote allows to hire the best, independently of their location."
    Hamlet Batista

    Network with other digital nomads at events

    The digital nomad & remote work events, meetups & conferences you can’t miss.

    Find a coliving to stay around the world

    Check out places to stay and work from when travelling the world

    Improve your remote work with tools

    A selection of the best tools for digital nomads & remote teams.

    Proficonf is a video conferences and video meetings service
    The to-do-list app that is as simple as paper with all the benefits of being digital.
    EmuCast is a micro video communication tool for all types of teams which allow you to instantly meet in 'Always-On' rooms.
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