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Allianz Care International Travel & Health Insurance: A review for Digital Nomads and Long-Term Travelers

Allianz CareAllianz Care International Health Insurance is a premier international health insurance provider. They specialize in both short and long-term care, making their products ideal for those taking short trips abroad to American expatriates and professionals living overseas. Securing coverage through Allianz is simple and straightforward.

There are three core plans and a handful of additional supplementary plans that you can add on to customize coverage for your specific case. In this review, we’ll discuss Allianz coverage types, benefits, and drawbacks, and see how it stacks up against the main competition.

Available Plans:

Single Trip Plans

Allianz provides both travel insurance and international health insurance. Travel insurance includes coverage for travel mishaps and emergency medical treatment, usually purchased per trip. The OneTrip Premiere, OneTrip Prime, OneTrip Basic, and OneTrip Cancellation Plus can be obtained for trips up to 180 days. These packages include trip cancellation and interruption expenses. All plans except for OneTrip Cancellation Plus include access to emergency medical care and transportation for the duration of your trip as well. Kids under the age of 17 are covered for free if they travel with a parent or grandparent.

International health insurance

Allianz also provides worldwide health insurance that covers day-to-day medical treatment ideal for digital nomads and long-term travelers (they highlight expatriates and retirees). The long-term insurance premiums are annual, renewing each year.

It is important to note that Allianz offers three coverage areas for you to choose from when you select your plan: worldwide, worldwide excluding the USA and Africa only. They also provide specialized local healthcare solutions for a few different regions, including China, Dubai, France, Benelux and Monaco, Latin America, Singapore, Switzerland, Egypt, Europe, the UK, and Russia.

Allianz offers three core plans: Care, Care Plus, and Care Pro. Each plan provides a wide range of substantial in-patient and day-care treatments. They also include medical evacuation benefits if you can’t be treated locally. Allianz has rolled out several accompanying apps and services to make safety and wellness abroad easy to access and maintain.

The Expat Assistance Programme is a valuable resource for all Allianz members. This service includes professional counseling, and legal and financial support services to assist with assimilating into your new environment.

As expected, opting for a deductible will lower your premium. Allianz notes that they do cover some minor pre-existing and chronic conditions. Supplemental plans can be added to any of the three core plans.

Care Coverage

The Care level of coverage is quite well-rounded, accounting for numerous eventualities and offering peace of mind. It is the most economical plan. It is ideal for occasional and frequent travelers, including those who may take multiple trips, and are in good overall health.

  • Care coverage provides a maximum plan benefit of US $675,000.
  • Unlike the others, this plan doesn’t include transplant coverage, emergency out-patient, or dental treatment.

Care Plus coverage

Care Plus coverage is for those who want thorough, moderate coverage. For long-term travelers who wish to cover multiple eventualities and desire some basic amenities, like private hospital rooms.

  • Care Plus coverage provides a maximum benefit of $1,518,750.
  • As long as you request pre-approval, organ transplant costs are covered under this plan.
  • Care Plus and higher plans will cover pregnancy complications after an extensive waiting period.

Care Pro Coverage

This level of Care is the most complete annual coverage that Allianz offers. It is ideal for business travelers and those who may need extra protection while traveling abroad. It provides the ultimate peace of mind.

  • Care Pro covers up to $3,037,500 in benefits.
  • Care Pro covers up to $40,500 in preventative surgery costs. The others do not offer that provision.
  • The only plan that offers $1,015 towards emergency out-patient dental treatment
  • For insured members between 18 and 70, Care Pro coverage will also pay up to $13,500 in accidental death coverage.

Supplemental Coverages:

Supplemental coverage must be purchased in conjunction with a core plan.

  1. Out-patient Plans: This covers your day-to-day medical expenses, including practitioner and specialist fees, diagnostic tests, and some alternative treatments (like acupuncture and chiropractic care).
  2. Maternity Plans: For routine delivery and newborn care as well as childbirth complications. Not offered with the Care level core plan.
  3. Dental plans: Will cover some or all dental expenses incurred, even orthodontic benefits, depending on the level selected.
  4. Repatriation Plan: If the area is ill-equipped to treat your condition, or screened blood is not available, Allianz will organize for you to be repatriated to your home country instead of the nearest medical center.

Pros and cons of Allianz coverage:


  • Allianz is consistently well-reviewed. Overall, they provide balanced coverage.
  • Allianz promises to settle claims within 48 hours.
  • Allianz insures travelers up to 99 years old (some benefits are limited to those over 65 or 70).
  • Annual plans are ideal for long-term travelers. Make multiple trips to multiple destinations and secure coverage a year at a time.
  • 10-day “Free Look” period allows you to try the service and cancel within ten days if it isn’t for you.


  • Within the three annual plan options, there is no room to tailor your coverage to better suit your needs.
  • Allianz does not explicitly cover extreme activity, like adventure sports. Many other providers choose to offer this as an add-on to account for the added risk.

Comparing Insurance Providers:

Allianz vs. IMG Global

IMG offers Global Medical Insurance that provides similar coverage to the Allianz Care plans. The maximum benefit amount is US$8,000,000 under the Platinum level plan, but coverage still applies to medical expenses, evacuation, and repatriation.  The plan is valid for between 6 to 12 months and can be extended to a maximum of 24 months, covering multiple journeys.

Additionally, IMG offers an Adventure Sports Rider for travelers under the age of 65 who want to be covered while paragliding or whitewater rafting, for example. Though the plans may be cheaper up-front, most benefits on the Bronze and Silver levels of care are subject to deductibles.

Learn more about IMG Global here.

Allianz vs. World Nomads

World Nomads caters to a younger, more adventurous, shorter-term audience than Allianz, like backpackers or students studying abroad. They offer two plans: Standard (basic) and Explorer (premium). You can purchase insurance for trips up to 180 days, but be prepared to pay dearly for longer trips.

Both plans will cover you for up to $100,000 in emergency medical insurance, but World Nomads will not cover any pre-existing conditions. Most importantly, World Nomads will cover the broadest range of adventure activities from shark cage diving to dragon boating.

Learn more about World Nomads here.


For the long-term traveler who intends to remain abroad and wants stable, well-balanced coverage, like business travelers, expatriates, or retirees, the Allianz Care plans fit the bill. Though there is not much flexibility within the plans, when combined with the available supplements, they do represent thorough, consistent coverage as you travel abroad.

Allianz quotes are often high, but that is justified due to the eventualities covered and the level of care provided. If necessary, deductibles can discount the premium but are not the Allianz default. Carefully compare plan benefits to select the right plan for your particular set of circumstances.

In conclusion, Allianz’s annual renewal and expatriate support services make their plans ideal for digital nomads and long-term travelers. The coverage levels provided offer peace of mind for many stages of life as you move freely through the world on your own terms.

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