Anchor Taiwan

Anchor Taiwan 2018Anchor Taiwan is your turnkey solution to experience and succeed in Asia. It’s a 30-day bootcamp in Taiwan for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Past alumni include founders from Y Combinator & 500 Startups, tech professionals and C-level executives.

Work remotely and live like a local, 30 days at a time. Be Asia Ready!

  • Category: Location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads all over the world.
  • Place: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Start Date: April 1June 1Sept 8Nov 10 2018 (1 month program)
  • Finish Date: (1 month minimum)
  • Price: 3,500US$ Dollars (per month)
  • Organized by: Anchor Taiwan
  • Language: English
  • URL:
  • For: global shapers, entrepreneurs, and location-independent professionals

30 days with:

  • High-end private accommodation & co-working space in central Taipei.
  • Connections with regional business/government leaders and glocal networks.
  • Innovation tour to visit some of the most successful companies.
  • Highly customized island adventures & cultural orientation/exploration.
  • Fireside chats with TEDx speakers; hiking to the next level with Forbes 30 under 30.



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