Ant Robinson, is a remote based SEO specialist w/ 15 years of Experience

Ant Robinson - SEOAnt Robinson is a remote based SEO looking for a new remote job:

  • Has 15  years of experience in SEO
  • Has been 5 years & 6 months working remotely
  • Specialized in Technical SEO, Content Strategy and Local SEO
  • Find in LinkedIn

1. Can you please share your experience highlights and achievements as an SEO professional?

I’m an international digital marketing strategist and a leading figure globally within the SEO community. In 2013 I won the UK Search Awards Winner for the “Best SEO Campaign” with AutoTrader UK, since then I have volunteered as a judge for the Search Awards for the US, EU & UK competitions.

I have extensive technical and hands on SEO expertise across multiple digital disciplines including Location Marketing (Local SEO), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) developed over more than 18 years (agency and client side) experience across various verticals including consumer e-commerce, FMCG, online gaming, travel and automotive.

2. What are your unique strengths as an SEO? Why do these companies need to hire you?

First and foremost I’m a super passionate, highly experienced and talented SEO.

I’m also detail-oriented, commercially savvy and a highly strategic technical SEO . As a remoter I have developed exceptional communication skills over my fifteen years experience.

Possessing the unique skill to adeptly simplify technically complex matters and discuss their impact financially to C-Suite executives and/or the ability to translate strategic objectives into technically complex requirement specifications for development teams. The detail-oriented SEO process I have developed ensures I consistently deliver profitable long-term revenue growth.

3. What type of SEO roles or jobs are you interested in?

My ideal role would be Head of SEO for a business to consumer e-commerce retail brand that is aiming high, setting challenging revenue growth targets. I will however, willingly consider all challenging and senior remote SEO positions.

4. How would you like to contribute in your next SEO role? What’s the impact you wish to have?

By nature I’m a digital disrupter – fast data led change is essential in digital marketing. In any future role the support of senior management with the confidence to make agile, data-led commercial decisions to deliver growth is essential to me. As such a close relationship with senior decision makers would be essential to me.

5. What type of companies would you love to work with and why?

My passion for SEO means I like to see the impact of my work, this should never be about just rankings for certain keywords or traffic volume, its impact should be the positive,  impact SEO has as a marketing channel on profit. As such I’d love to be remote working directly for a consumer e-commerce brand or integrated agency specialising in consumer e-commerce in my next role.

6. Why do you work remotely?

I love to immerse myself into and thrive on the learning experiences and the personal growth that visiting different cultures provides.

Furthermore I really dislike the wasted time on a daily commute I love utilising technology to increase productivity, I like to drive strong results and the lack of commute time ensures maximum impact hence working remotely does this for me.

7. How do you tackle remote work challenges? (productivity, communication, etc.)

There are so many apps and video conferencing technologies that enable effective remote communication and deliver significantly higher productivity most I use so routinely in my working and personal life, I simply don’t see challenges of remote working anymore, I only see the positives.My organisation skills and utilisation of smart technology put together with my dedicated and inspiring office space facilitate a great working environment.

8. Is there anything else that you would like to share about you, personally or professionally?

I’m an international speaker on SEO, content marketing and Local SEO. My last talk was at Brighton SEO. I am passionate about undertaking such opportunities because I take great pride in developing the talent of the future in SEO.

9. How can companies get in touch with you to talk more about a potential remote position?

To discuss any remote SEO opportunities please feel free to email for further information: [email protected]

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