Best Companies Hiring Legitimate Part Time Remote or Work from Home Jobs

part time remote jobs - work from homeIf you’re job searching at the moment for a flexible job opportunity there are good news for you: jobs in remote are on cloud nine. Every industry is hiring not only full time, but also remote part-time workers. Part-time jobs are helping both companies and skilled workers to fill in employment gaps.

Some people find part-time remote work for flexibility and freedom, while others want an extra source of income while working a few hours per week others want the opportunity to start with a half time work from home job. No matter which category you fall in, if you’re a part-time job seeker (even without previous experience), we’ll help you find out the best company that’s looking to hire part-time remote workers for your job type.

There are many well-known part-time friendly remote jobs, like inside sales, customer service representatives, search engine evaluators, virtual assistant, quality assurance, accounting clerk, sales representatives, social media specialists, career coach, writing tutors and more online jobs which can be done by people from any location across many job categories!

So if you’re looking to remote work from home, here’s a list of seven companies that are consistently hiring foe legitimate part-time remote workers that you might want to check out to look for new part time work from home opportunities, along some of the most popular job titles that they’re hiring, the benefits they provide and more about the company offering:

1. Appen

Appen was founded back in 1996. It’s a tech company that provides data to develop world-class machine learning and artificial intelligence products. Appen believes in part-time flexible jobs. From projects to micro tasks and surveys, you can apply to various part-time jobs available at Appen.

Recent Part-Time Jobs


You can apply for longer-term or part-time opportunities in big projects that Appen is currently working on. In order to see the list of projects available, you must fill a form so that the company can contact you.

Micro Tasks

Do you want to start work right away? Apply for micro tasks at Appen and fill in the form to see the tasks you are eligible for.

Surveys and Data Collection

Earn money by carrying out simple tasks like filling surveys or recording your voice.


Some of the benefits of working part-time at Appen are fair pay, privacy, confidentiality, inclusion, wellness packages, etc.

Check out more jobs listed at Appen here 

2. Lionbridge

Lionbridge started as a translator to break the barriers of language. Today, Lionbridge has expanded its boundaries into the dimensions of linguistics, AI, and data quality. Experts at Lionbridge dig in every word to extract every meaningful data point.

This company is based in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States.

Recent Part-Time Jobs

Brand Guardian

As a brand guardian, you’ll oversee the localization brand alignment process bridging the work of internal linguists. Plus, you’ll organize and hold training sessions for translation teams of Lionbridge.

Online Education Consultant

You’ll use your teaching experience and skills to teach others. This role requires long-term commitment and engagement.

Online Map Quality Analyst

As an online map quality analyst, you’ll read and apply guidelines on evaluating and rating the tasks.


Lionbridge gives fair treatment and pay to all the part-time workers. Furthermore, remote workers are provided with work flexibility, support, engagement, and more.

Check out Lionbridge’s Part Time Remote Jobs here

3. Sitel

Sitel Group is a customer experience management company. It provides outsourced sales, technical support, customer service, and other business processes. Sitel connects large brands with customers. Sitel provides work from home jobs and part-time employment for remote workers.

Recent Part-Time Jobs


As a coach, you will ensure that calls are handled professionally. Furthermore, you’ll be required to achieve, measure, report, and communicate the assigned team’s goal attainment.

Senior Telecom Engineer

You’ll be driving important telecom projects from beginning to end. Moreover, you’ll be troubleshooting and solve production problems impacting Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels.

Director, Account Management

As an account management director, you’ll meet financial objectives and goals on a monthly basis.


As a remote worker for Sitel Group, you’ll get discounts, growth opportunities, paid training, and more.

Check out Sitel’s Part Time Remote Jobs here

4. WeLocalize

WeLocalize was founded in 1995 as a solution hub for providing translation, localization, adaptation, and machine automation. Companies connect with WeLocalize to grow and reach their highest potential.

Recent Part-Time Jobs

General Applications

In this role, you’ll be working as a data collector in general applications. This role is directed towards the global freelance talent community.

English Into Japanese Sport Translators

WeLocalize is looking for a team of Japanese native translators who are familiar with the US-centric way of describing golf.


Working for WeLocalize comes with a great set of benefits like top-notch health and wellness packages, outstanding work-life balance, and more.

Check out WeLocalize’s Part Time Remote Jobs here

5. Boldly

Boldly help founders and executives take their businesses on a whole new level by providing highly skilled remote staff. Founded in 2012, Boldly works as a premium subscription staffing company. As a remote worker outsourcing agency, Boldly believes in part-time and remote work.

Recent Part-Time Jobs

Executive Assistant

In this role, you’ll be supporting senior executives and business owners by maintaining their appointment schedules, calendars, and more.

Project Manager

As a project manager, you’ll oversee projects, coordinate with team members, monitor assignments, and more.


Competitive pay, technical support, flexible hours, fun company swag, mentorship, etc.

Check out Boldly’s Part Time Remote Jobs here

6. LiveOps

If you are into the call center industry, LiveOps will provide you with the best part-time work/ remote job. LiveOps is a cloud call center company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. LiveOps gives businesses access to unmatched virtual call center services, agents, and more.

Recent Part-Time Jobs

Call Center Representative

You’ll be handling incoming or outgoing customer calls for the respective business. You’ll also manage leads and report it to your senior.

License Life Insurance Independent Contractor

You must have an active life and health insurance producer license in your residing state and two additional states.


Very flexible working hours, great packages, fair pay, fully remote job, health perks, and more.

Check out LiveOps’ Part Time Remote Jobs here

7. Transperfect

Transperfect serves clients in fields like gaming, healthcare, legal, etc. with translation, E-Discovery, and language services. Transperfect is based in New York City to help businesses benefit from translation, language, and localization services.

Recent Part-Time Jobs

Transcribers – Data Entry

You’ll work on various Artificial Intelligence projects as a data entry specialist. You must have excellent English skills and the urge to do more than expected.


As a transcriber, you’ll be assisting with transcription, data labeling, and classification. Strong reading skills and fluency in English is required.


You’ll be responsible for taking interviews, evaluating applicants, scheduling tests, and more.


Working at TransPerfect comes with great benefits. From flexible working hours to paid holidays, you’ll be enjoying a great set of benefits as a remote worker of TransPerfect.

Check out Transperfect’s Part Time Remote Jobs here

If you’re looking for more remote jobs opportunities, whether part or full time, check out’s the Remoters free job board here, featuring part time remote job ads, salary search and providing also free job postings as well. 

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