Best Countries Destinations to Visit as a Digital Nomad in 2018

Digital Nomads DestinationsThe appeal of the nomadic lifestyle is the freedom, flexibility and opportunity to explore the hidden corners of the world while working: It can lead you anywhere you wish to travel, but some destinations are better suited to the task than others.

When considering your travel plans, a few things should be taken into account in order to have not only an enjoyable time, but also an overall successful experience: The ease of obtaining a travel visa, the cost of living, the safety for travellers, the access to high-speed internet, language barriers, as well as your specific preferences towards locations -like type of food, lifestyle, weather as well as cultural factors-.

With that in mind, here are 5 of the best countries for digital nomads to visit in 2018:

1. Mexico

For many Americans, Mexico is the easiest and most affordable foreign travel destination, and one of the few you can reach by car if you wish. Although not every city in Mexico will be safe and friendly for visitors, many places are welcoming to tourists and digital nomads alike. A favorite beach-front best-kept-secret of the country is Puerto Vallarta, although Playa Del Carmen and Queretaro have countless charms as well.

A 180-day visa, called a Migratory Tourist Form, can be acquired for just $20 and makes staying in the country a breeze.

2. Germany

Although Germany is more expensive than many Asian and South American countries, certain cities like Berlin are more affordable than many other EU destinations and is filled with history and culture. Berlin is a particularly robust destination for a digital nomad, providing the perfect combination of quirky culture and affordable accommodations.

Berlin actively welcomes creative professionals, so you’ll undoubtedly run into other nomads in your travels. Whether you set up shop at one of the many co-working spaces in the city or opt for a cheap meal at one of the many cafes in the historic old town district, you’ll be sure to feel at home.

3. Greece

With a pleasant Mediterranean climate and thousands of years of history to explore, Greece can easily captivate the imagination. The beach-front views of cities like Thessaloniki provide the perfect backdrop for working while discovering beautiful new places.

Like other Mediterranean countries, Greece has a laid back atmosphere that can be a much-needed balm to the hectic life of a digital nomad.

4. Bulgaria

The Balkans provide stunning views and some of the fastest internet in the world. More affordable than many other European destinations, Bulgaria can be a winter wonderland for those looking to hit the slopes between projects.

Try visiting Bansko, a veritable ski resort for digital nomads. It offers beautiful accommodations, affordable living, ample co-working spaces and plenty of activities to keep you entertained when work is slow.

5. Thailand

Last but not least, there’s Thailand, which has been consistently one of the hottest digital nomad destinations for years already, and there are many reasons why you should give it a go in case you haven’t yet: With low cost of living and some absolutely stunning views, Thailand offers a picturesque destination that is both safe and welcoming for Western visitors. The heat and humidity can become oppressive during the late spring, but it’s a wonderful sub-tropical getaway during the winter months.

When visiting, Bangkok is an obvious destination for cultural hot-spots and history. The more affordable and leisurely Chiang Mai is great for long-term stays, with a multitude of wifi-friendly cafes and even shared co-working spaces for those craving an office.

Which countries are you considering to visit in 2018? Are any of these already in your list? Let us know if so! 

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