Best Laptop Stands to Work Remotely & Comfortable from Home or Anywhere

Best Laptop Stands to Work RemolteyWorking from home or a coffee shop is very different from working in an office. For many remote workers, the change in environment can have a negative effect due to uncomfortable seating.

One thing that has solved this problem is the mainstream use of laptop stands. You no longer need to hunch awkwardly over your devices. Get rid of that neck and backache with a sleek, affordable laptop stand.

Let’s go through the criteria and alternatives for the best laptop stands…

Why do you need a laptop stand for your desk to work remotely?

Laptop stands aren’t just an extra expense, they’re a necessity. And there are multiple reasons why you need to get a laptop stand for remote work. Being able to sit up straighter affects both your physical health in the long-term and short term, as well as the operation of your laptop.


When you’re working from home and using a laptop without a stand, you have to hunch over your computer. Depending on where you’re sitting, maybe on a chair, the couch, or even in bed, this can cause various degrees of damage.

What starts as an ache in your back or a pulled muscle in your neck can quickly turn into a permanent strain injury. A laptop stand allows you to sit upright and raises your laptop to eye level.


One of the most common issues with a laptop is overheating. When your device heats up, it slows down, works harder, and drains the battery, not to mention other long-term effects of heat damage.

Keeping it elevated on a stand allows airflow to the bottom of the laptop. Improving the thermal performance keeps your computer in better condition over a long time.

How to choose a laptop stand?

Once you realize the importance of getting a stand, the next question is, how do you pick one? What should you look at?


When you’re talking about elevation for a laptop stand, you’re essentially referencing the stand’s height. This can be anywhere between six to twelve inches. How high you want your frame depends entirely on your seating arrangement at home. Some stands allow multiple position features that correspond to the rotation options in your device. Some screens rotate to 90 degrees while others go a full 180 degrees.


There is a huge variation in price when it comes to laptop stands. You can get one for as low as $15 or as high as $125. While you shouldn’t too much on a stand, the exact number depends on your needs as a buyer. Some of the more expensive stands are designed to attach semi-permanently to your couch and can come with a swivel table.

The Best Laptops Stands on the Market

Because of how popular these laptop stands are there are endless options on the market. It’s easy to get confused about which one to get. Here are the best laptop stands to work from home.

1. Roost Laptop Stand – $89.95

This sturdy yet lightweight design is perfect for the corporate traveler or high-level remote worker. You can pack it up easily or leave it in place all day. Designed specifically with durable rubber insets the material can even handle heavy-duty technical or gaming laptops.


  • Adjustable settings between 6 to 12 inches
  • Portable construction
  • Sturdy model
  • Lightweight design
  • Perfect for PC and Macbook models


  • Slightly expensive

2. Lamicall Ergonomic Computer & Notebook Stand Holder for Desk – $19.99

This lightweight, portable model comes in a sleek triangular design. It can easily fit into your laptop bag and is extremely compact. Also, a lot of effort has gone into making this design easy to handle, with smooth rounded edges. Additionally, anti-skid silicon mat protects your device from scratches and from sliding on the table’s surface.


  • Extremely affordable and gives good value for the price
  • Suits laptops of all screen sizes, from 10 inches to 15.6 inches
  • Modern, sleek design does not clutter your workspace


  • Only provides lift up to six inches

3. Nexstand Laptop Stand – $39.95

The Nexstand is a universal model that fits any laptop. Additionally, it is constructed using industrial level reinforced nylon which makes it the best stand for heavier laptops. This design has been tested for up to 20 pounds which is many times the average laptop weight.


  • Mid-priced stand with high-quality materials
  • 7 adjustable height settings between 5.5 and 12.6 inches of lift
  • Extremely lightweight at only 8 ounces
  • Includes additional nylon sleeve carrying ease


  • Not suitable for laptops that are smaller than 11 inches

4. Adjustable Laptop Stand, EPN Laptop Riser – $39.99

This top of the line aluminum design is perfect for devices between 11 and 17.3 inches. The model is one of the best options for airflow and security. The horizontal panels on the stand’s surface allow thorough air circulation. While the antiskid silicon pads and protective hooks on the bottom surface help keep it glued to the table’s surface. Additionally, it comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee.


  • The sleek design allows height and angle adjustment
  • Suitable for a wide variety of devices
  • Mid-priced with multiple features
  • Expert air circulation


  • Not suitable for laptops of less than 10 inches

5. Rain Design 10032 mStand Laptop Stand, Silver – $39.95

The rain design is the best product for Apple devices. However, it can be used for other laptops that are smaller than 10.4 inches. Since the design comes in a single fixed piece it provides increased stability for your device.


  • A well-placed two-inch cable hole lets you run charging cables through the stand
  • Aluminum base acts as a heat sink to automatically cool your device
  • The surface is silver anodized and goes perfectly with the Apple notebooks


  • Only one height option at 5.9 inches
  • Mostly suitable for Macbook products

6. Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser from PWR+ – $49.90

This portable stand can rotate a complete 360 degrees and fixes in place at each angle. It doesn’t need assembling and comes with a 30-day refund. If you want to carry it or put it away simply collapse the stand into a compact form. The design comes with a USB cord that you can connect to your laptop to silence the cooling fans.


  • Light-weight aluminum tray
  • Comes with a separate surface for mouse
  • 30-day refund
  • 24-month exchange
  • No assembly required


  • Limited availability

7. AmazonBasics Aluminum Portable Foldable Laptop Support Stand – $19.49

This Amazon design comes at a fixed height adjustment but allows an 18-degree tilt for better viewing. It is suitable for laptops of less than 15 inches in width and provides an almost three-inch lift. While this cheap design works best if it meets your usage needs you should not buy it if you change workstations often.


  • There are rubber pads at the bottom to keep the stand from slipping
  • An additional folding mechanism provides storage space
  • Pads protect desk surface from getting scratches
  • Facilitates airflow to the device to keep it from overheating


  • Limited height adjustment options

Overall, there are a lot of best laptop stands for remote work and which one you choose depends entirely on where you sit at home and what position you work in.

The only certain thing is that getting a stand will benefit both your physical health and your laptop’s running ability.

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