Best Online Travel Visa Services for Digital Nomads

Travel Visa Services for Digital NomadsBy 2025, 70% of businesses will be working online. With this changing employment dynamic, we’re going to see an increase in digital nomads of all nationalities and age range looking to work from anywhere in the world, sometimes while traveling through the world, in others while staying a bit longer from some locations based on their preferences.

Although there are now “remote friendly” countries like Barbados, Dubai or Croatia, offering remote work visas that allow you to live there while working remotely, if you’re looking to start with the digital nomad life, the first step is to check if you need a visa at all to travel to those countries you want to visit and even if you can travel there without one, if you need a special one in case you’re looking to stay longer than the usual tourist visit allows.

Thankfully, there are both free and paid online services where you can easily check visa requirements per country: They compile all the latest information on visa applications, requirements, and authorizations globally. Type in your nationality and the country you want to go to, and you’ll see if that country has a remote work visa or if you can travel without one for a certain time or if you need to apply for a regular work visa in case you want to stay longer.

The paid services will also offer support to navigate bureaucratic muddles, which can save a lot of time (and stress), with immigration experts on their team who review your applications and put you in the best position for acceptance.

Let’s go through some of the top online travel visa services…

  1. Visa List
  2. iVisa
  3. VisaHQ
  4. CIBT Visa
  5. Online Visa

1. Visa List

Visa List offers different services, including Visa-free, Visa arrival, etc. It has information on more than 200 countries globally. And if you choose to work with it, the company will tell you everything you need to know about the required documents and nearby embassies.

Additionally, the service equips you with all the necessary knowledge of the country you’re going to, including currency, language, etc. Basically, it does all the research for you.


The UI is easy to use and understand. Everything on the website is clear and simplified for you. Moreover, you get information for a large number of countries in one place. So if you haven’t decided where you want to go yet, you can compare data for several places and then make your decision.


At times, users have reported that the information of the website, while detailed, isn’t updated. Rules and regulations are ever-changing, and even though the company will amend the information they’ve put up eventually, it doesn’t happen in real-time.

2. iVisa

iVisa is one of the easiest services to use for digital nomads. You plug in your nationality and the country you’re traveling to. Then they take the reigns and give you all the data you need, such as requirements for the process.

The service offers different types of visas:

  • Electronic Visa
  • e-Visa on arrival
  • Paper Visa (courier)
  • Paper Visa (In Person)

You pay for each one with a credit card or through PayPal. Then fill the application forms. The process for receiving your visa changes for each one – you can find specific information on IVisa’s website.


iVisa removes bureaucracy from the visa application process, which relieves a lot of stress for most customers. Lengthy government forms are replaced with quick results, and the company database is regularly updated, so you get real-time information on your visa’s status.

The company has several years of experience under its belt. Their experts review applications before submission and ensure that your chances of acceptance are very high.


Some customers have confusion regarding the cost of the application process before it starts. Unfortunately, despite the various benefits and features of iVisa’s services, they aren’t very clear on the cost disparity between countries. If you choose to work with the company, confirm the destination country charges and processing fee before committing.

Moreover, it is difficult to get in touch with a live person. You will eventually get access to a customer care rep; however, since iVisa provides Self-Help Tools and encourages its customers to use them before reaching out, it will take time.

3. VisaHQ

VisaHQ is considered a leader in its industry. With comprehensive information on visa applications, users report that all their queries were answered immediately. Additionally, the service has data for most countries, so it is very likely that you’ll find a home with it too.

Traveling and getting a visa can be a stressful process. Even the first step of collecting information is tricky. However, with VisaHQ, the entire task is simplified. They break down every aspect of applying for a visa.

Their website’s user interface is easy to navigate and has several sections dedicated to niche content. For instance, Schengen Visas have a full page, and there is even a map outlining countries that require business visas for US citizens.

The fact that the service has partnered with World Nomads travel insurance makes it a great fit for you. Given that you’ll probably be moving through a few countries over the course of your employment, travel insurance is an excellent idea.


The user interface is straightforward. Ease of use makes customers feel comfortable – it is important to them, which is why most users have brought it up in their reviews.

VisaHQ works fast and will get you your visa quickly, which is a big pro, especially if you’re a digital nomad planning a last-minute trip.


Some users find the service too expensive for them. So it would be a good idea to review the cost of VisaHQ’s package before you start the process and invest yourself into their company.

The questions answered by the website are sometimes considered too direct. For instance, one customer was confused when they were asked about their criminal record. Despite not having one, it was a surprise to them. Even so, we don’t consider this a problem with the service because the question is a valid one.

Overall, we didn’t find any big red flags with the service.

4. CIBT Visas

The most notable services at CIBT Visas include their Guided Entry Service, Informed Traveler, and COVID Travel Updates. The first offers consultations and itinerary assessments. The second keeps you informed on things like entry requirements, what to expect upon arrival at your destination, and what you should know for your return trip.

The third feature deals with specific pandemic-related information, such as travel restrictions implemented because of the rise of COVID-19 variations globally.

The company has 50 years of experience in this business and is the go-to visa service for over 75% of Fortune 500 companies. The best of the best go to them for their visa needs, which says a lot about their professionalism and the quality of their work.


The company has decent customer service. Questions sent via email are answered within an hour. And the staff is professional and polite. You will get all the information you need from them.

The service is also easy to use. The website is straightforward, and navigating it isn’t an issue for customers.


The company’s target audience is a business customer, and so their services cost more than other comparable visa services. This means that if you’re looking to stay within a budget, this service isn’t for you.

Also, there are several extra charges that you can’t refuse to pay, like a passport replacement fee. The service mentions them in the fine print of their terms and conditions so take a look at it before signing up.

A small but significant group of customers had reported that they got their visas a day or two before they had to leave. This can be a source of worry, and so if you choose to work with CIBT Visas, leave yourself some wiggle room between applying for your visa and buying your ticket.

5. Online Visa

Online Visa is a reliable digital service with real-time information on international travel rules and regulations for over 200 countries. The application process only takes a few minutes. Then the team will take over.

Your data is protected through encryption, and no one except your counselors has access to it. This service is not associated with any government and is a private organization. They claim that their business is for travelers like you – digital nomads and remote workers.


With a pandemic that shows no signs of stopping and new variants of COVID-19 popping up globally, countries are regularly changing their travel authorizations. This service is helpful because their home page has a section dedicated to giving you access to this information in tumultuous times.


This service isn’t as reputable as the others on this list. With five years of experience, they can do the job. However, their presence in this industry isn’t as notable. This could be a simple issue with their publications and social media team, or it could be a red sign. We leave you to decide.


The five companies listed above are the best online visa services available in the market right now. They are the leaders in their industry and are spearheading the move towards easier and quicker visa application processes.

Each service has its own pros and cons, but they are all of an equal caliber. The specifics differ, and you need to make your decision on those variations. But remember that you will have an excellent experience no matter which service you end up choosing. Good luck!

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