Best Virtual Mailboxes for Digital Nomads & Remote Professionals in 2022

virtual mailbox services for remote working professionals and businessesWorking remotely while traveling as a digital nomad opens the world to you. As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can live and work and explore anywhere.

However, there are still some “real world” considerations that accompany running a business from the road. Namely, an address for your business, where you will receive your mail.

While you can handle most important matters over email or through a variety of apps and software tools, the world hasn’t done away with snail mail just yet. From client checks to bills to legal documents, you may still need a physical mailbox even as you wander the world.

However, there is a solution to not having a physical mailing address for your business: virtual mailboxes through a reliable digital mailbox provider.

A virtual mailbox company will provide you with a permanent virtual mailing address to receive mail and packages for a monthly fee and even offer mail handling, scan mail packages, to manage your mail, as well as mail and package forwarding to anywhere you are or secure mail shredding.

Learn what virtual mailbox companies are, how do they work, how much a virtual mail service cost, what services they include and which is the best virtual mailbox service in the market for your specific remote working scenario:

What is a Virtual Mailbox Service?

A virtual mail or digital mailbox service, as the name implies, is a service that offers you a permanent mailbox address (called “virtual mailbox address”) to collect, open and scan your physical, postal mail for you to keep receiving your business mail, providing you (or your business) the benefit to be located anywhere in the world while safely receiving your mail in a real address of a desired business city or your hometown.

Are virtual mailboxes safe?

Virtual mailbox services offered by well known, specialized companies, are safe to use.

Companies offering a  mailbox service for businesses or individuals also include a variety of services besides a virtual address, that will allow you to not only to receive mail and packages but also to manage your mail: Scan and revise what you’ve received, to safely store what you decide to keep and use a mail forwarding service to send any mail or package you want to send wherever you (or your business) are.

Some of the most common services offered by virtual mailboxes besides mail storage are:

  • Real street addresses
  • Mail notification
  • Online viewing of envelope
  • Opening and scanning your mail
  • Mail forwarding
  • Secure shredding, disposing or recycling of your mail
  • Package storage and shipping
  • Check depositing
  • Signature upon delivery

At minimum, most of the virtual or online mailbox services offer online viewing.

There are usually different plans to choose, with a base monthly price with additional fees depending on which services you need (like mailbox forwarding) or how much mail you receive.

Are virtual mailboxes legal?

In most cases, it’s acceptable to use a virtual office address when you establish your business, as you will receive a fixed street address, that you’ll be able to include on your incorporation documents.

To set up your new address, you sign up with a service, complete USPS Form 1583, officially change your address and then you will be ready to get mail from anywhere in the world. 

How to Choose a Virtual Mailbox Service?

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a virtual mailbox service to collect your mail packages or to use as a virtual business address to receive your business postal mail, and view and manage your mail online:

  • If you need a physical address or P.O. Box. for yourself or your business in a certain city, make sure that the service you choose offers an address there.
  • If you have clients who pay by check, then you’ll want to get a service that includes check depositing.
  • If you have bills that only come in paper form, then you’ll want an open and scan service, so you don’t miss a payment.
  • If you want to receive some urgent packages in your location, then it would be important to choose a virtual mailbox that offers a mail forwarding service.
  • If you don’t want to keep junk mail, make sure to choose one that offers mail shredding services.
  • Last but not least, the price. There are virtual mailboxes for as little as a monthly fee of $6.99 up to $159 per month depending on what’s included in the service.

To help you assess the existing options and identify the best virtual mailbox service for your specific scenario, start by listing all the must and nice to have requirements for a mailbox service and go through the options we list below.

But, what are the best and cheapest virtual mailbox services? Which of them offer postal mail scanning services or forwarding options? Let’s see next.

Best Virtual Mailboxes for Remote Based Professionals, Companies or Digital Nomads

There are many virtual mailboxes to choose from. While your cheapest option is to get a friend or family member to open your mail for you, this is not the most reliable or kindest option. Instead, check out the well known mailbox services below, to choose the best virtual mailbox service in your particular case.

1. Traveling Mailbox

Cost: From $15 to $159/month

Traveling MailboxTraveling Mailbox is a virtual mail service provider that has five plans to choose from which vary based on the amount of incoming mail, page scans, mailbox recipients, etc. Their plans work for personal, small business, and enterprise purposes. All accounts include envelope scans, junk mail filtering, unlimited cloud storage, and free mail shredding.

They have 30+ addresses across the US. Premium features such as check deposits cost extra. There are also additional fees if you go over your monthly limits. Their service can integrate with Evernote, and Dropbox.

What are Traveling Mailbox “pros” & benefits?
  • Access your Traveling Mailbox via our Apps on Android and iOS or use our mobile site
  • The low price option is ideal for most with plenty of page scans:
    • 40 Incoming Envelopes / Month
    • 35 Page Scans / Month
    • 3 Mailbox Recipients
    • FREE Mail Shredding
What are Traveling Mailbox “cons” & issues?
  • It has no free service or a trial

See Traveling Mailbox reviews and analysis for further information.

2. BusinessAnywhere

Cost: From $20 to $65 per month

Business Anywhere

BusinessAnywhere is an entrepreneur’s remote toolbox that offers you several services, not only a virtual mailbox solution. You can register a company in all 50 US states, get documents notarized remotely, and of course, have a virtual mailbox for both you and your business.

BusinessAnywhere offers virtual mailbox addresses in Chandler-Arizona, Cheyenne-Wyoming, and Santa Fe-New Mexico. They scan your mail within 3 working days of receiving it, depending on how busy our offices are.

What are BusinessAnywhere  “pros” & benefits?
  • The cheapest option includes up to 2 mail recipients, unlimited mail and packages, unlimited scans.
  • The dashboard is accessible from laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • They offer additional services for your business: Company Formation Service, to Register an LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, or a Non-profit; Online Notary Service to get any documents notarized remotely by accredited notaries and Registered Agent Service to keep your business compliant and your details private with our registered agent service.
What are BusinessAnywhere “cons” & issues?
  • It is working only with addresses in Arizona, Wyoming, and New Mexico, US.

See BusinessAnywhere reviews and analysis for further information.

3. Anytime Mailbox

Cost: From $5.99 to $49.99/month

Anytime Mailbox ServicesAnytime Mailbox is a well known virtual mailbox that offers services in 1,233 locations across the US, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania. Their pricing depends on the chosen location and services, with a range of plans available. You get a real street address and can choose features such as mail scanning, incoming mail forwarding, Check Deposit, and Shredding.

Each account gets unlimited mail storage as long as your account is active. Anytime Mailbox is probably one of the most global virtual mailboxes for digital nomads and their online interface is user-friendly.

What are Anytime Mailbox “pros” & benefits?
  • Services at 1,233 locations.
  • Rates starting are lower than others.
  • The app works from PC to Mac, Apple to Android, smartphone to tablet, we’ve got you covered.
What are Anytime Mailbox “cons” & issues?
  • The price depends on the location.
  • There are no different rate plans.

See Anytime Mailbox reviews and analysis for further information.

4. PostScan Mail

Cost: From $15-$30/per month

PostScanMail ServicesPostScan Mail is a mailbox service now available at locations across the US and they are starting to expand internationally. They have plans that start as low as $15 per month, which include free open & scan requests, recycling, and storage. They offer local pickup at all of their locations and you can request to forward the physical mail items.

Mobile Apps are available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play and are available on both phones and tablets.

What PostScan Mail “pros” & benefits?
  • You can choose from a large network of physical addresses across the U.S.
  • Once you sign up, you can fully activate your account in less than 15 minutes with an online notary.
  • Locations are available for local pickup during regular business hours
  • They offer free physical mail and package storage for up to 30 days.
  • Their Apps are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • They offer automatic mail filters, document scanning, and online document archiving.
  • Additional mailbox users and recipients can be added to the same mailbox account, so you’re not having to pay for multiple subscriptions.
What are PostScan Mail “cons” & issues?
  • Locations in larger cities are slightly more expensive.
  • They are currently only available in the U.S., however, they are starting to offer a few international locations.

See PostScan Mail reviews and analysis for further information.

5. US Global Mail

Cost: From $10 to $20/month

US Global MailUS Global Mail is a virtual mailbox that offers individual and family plans for month-to-month, 12-month or 24-month periods. With all accounts, you’ll get scans of the outside of any envelopes received.

You can decide what to do from there. The only additional fees will be for shipping, but the rates are quite affordable. They only offer one address in Houston, Texas, but this is only limiting if you were planning on picking up the mail in person to save on shipping costs.

What are US Global Mail “pros” & benefits?

It has different prices and services: Virtual Mailing Address, Virtual Business Address & Company Expat Mail.

  • Permanent US Street Address. One address no matter where you move.
  • FREE letter storage for 180 days.
  • FREE package storage for 30 days.
What are US Global Mail “cons” & issues?
  • It works only for a permanent US street address

See US Global Mail reviews and analysis for further information.

6. VirtualPostMail

Cost: From $15 to $89/month

Virtual Post MailVirtualPostMail is a virtual mailbox service that was created by someone who needed a mail solution to run a business remotely, so the company understands the services that remote professionals and digital nomads need. All but their starter plans include unlimited free mail with a different number of scans and recipients per month. Check deposits and shipping are possible for a fee.

With any account, you’ll get a commercial address, no setup or cancellation fees, a free registered agent, and unlimited digital storage. Currently, the company has a limited number of addresses in the US.

What are VirtualPostMail “pros” & benefits?
  • You get a real street address
  • Accepted by all couriers such as USPS, Fedex, and UPS
  • Never have to change your address
  • Package forwarding
  • Check deposit services
  • Free registered agent services
  • OCR PDF files
  • Email notifications
  • Unlimited digital mail archiving
  • Smart address tags for automation
  • Free mail shredding
  • Free 60-day physical mail storage
  • No setup fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • Unlimited digital storage
What are VirtualPostMail “cons” & issues?
  • VirtualPostMail has a limited amount of locations in California, Nevada, and Delaware.
  • No phone app.

See Virtual Post Mail reviews and analysis for further information.

7. Earth Class Mail

Cost: From $19 to $79/month

Earth Class MailEarth Class Mail is a virtual mailbox service provider with more than 80 premier US address you can choose from, where all your mail will be received, organized, and stored safely by the company’s HIPAA certified professionals. Then, through their website, you can choose to download your mail, have it sent to a third person, have it recycled, thrown in the trash, or destroyed.

Earth Class Mail can integrate with many useful apps, such as QuickBooks Online, Google Drive, and, and besides mail management, it also offers automated check deposit services.

What are Earth Class Mail “pros” & benefits?
  • Over 90 Addresses.
  • All plans include at least one street address or PO box of your choice.
  • Integrations with QuickBooks Online, Xero,, Box, Google Drive.
  • The subscription automatically includes 30 days of free storage for mail and 10 days of free storage for packages.
What are Earth Class Mail “cons” & issues?
  • Only works in the US.

See Earth Class Mail reviews and analysis for further information.

8. SasquatchMail

Cost: $9.99/month

SasquatchmailSasquatchMail has one membership plan only, and it includes several different features you’ll find quite useful, including national and international mail forwarding, mail scanning, and virtual office services.

Regarding the mail forwarding services, the company goes one step further than many other competitors, by describing on their website the different types of forwarding they can do: RV mail forwarding (perfect for digital nomads who are always on the road),  traveling nurse and doctor mail forwarding, accountant mail forwarding, attorney mail forwarding, and expat mail forwarding.

There’s a flat rate of $2 per standard envelope that you choose to scan and you can also add phone service to your membership for an additional $9 a month.

What are SasquatchMail “pros” & benefits?
  • They offer a lot of different services for companies.
  • You can add an optional phone service add for $9 per month.
  • Unlimited incoming mail and recipients (must use suite number).
  • All plans include 30 days of free physical storage. The digital copies of the scanned mail will be available always in your online account.
What are SasquatchMail “cons” & issues?
  • Only works in the US.
  • You can rent a virtual mailbox for yourself in Delaware, Florida, Idaho, and Wyoming.

9. NorthWest Registered Agent

Cost: $40/month

Northwest Registered AgentNorthWest is a virtual mail service that offers mail forwarding in the following states in America: Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. For $40 a month, you get access to services such as same-day digital scanning and physical mail forwarding, for no postage fees and with a unique suite number.

Besides mail management, you can also hire NorthWest if you need the services of a registered agent. For $125, this agent will open and scan, handling all your legal documents and notifying you in real-time about this type of mail.

In case you also need a virtual office, you can upgrade your membership for an additional $49 per month.

What are NorthWest “pros” & benefits?
  • They offer a lot of services for companies
  • Cheaper than a lawyer for the services of a registered agent.
What are NorthWest “cons” & issues?
  • Only works in the US
  • Locations only in five states: Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

See Northwest Registered Agent reviews and analysis for further information.

10. iPostal1

Cost: From $9.99 up to $39.99/month

iPostal1iPostal1 is a mailbox service that offers four membership plans: Green, for 30 mail items per month; Blue, for 60 items; Silver, for 120 items; and Gold, for 240. There is no initial contract, no sign-up fee, and you can change plans whenever you want.

The company has 900 mailbox locations both in the U.S. and abroad, and you can manage any type of mail you receive through their website. You can request a scan of your mail if you want to read it as soon as possible; you can forward it anywhere in the world; or get your mail discarded or recycled.

What are iPostal1 “pros” & benefits?
  • 900 digital mailbox locations across the U.S. and the countries: China, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Singapore.
  • It works since 2007.
What are iPostal1 “cons” & issues?
  • It could be possible that you need a country that they are not offering.
  • Some countries, as mine, Spain has only 2 locations and both have different prices.

See iPostal reviews and analysis for further information.

11. PO Box Zone

Cost: From $99 to $250/year

Pobox ZonePO Box Zone has three virtual mailing plans, meant for people who usually received different amounts of mail. As you can see on their website, their product is meant for frequent travelers, retirees who are traveling, and small businesses.

PO BOX Zone is a virtual mailbox service that has two locations, one in Nevada, and the other one in Wyoming, where employees can receive any type of mail (even from USPS, DHL, and FedEx). They store your mail for six months, and you can choose to have it forwarded (through USPS, DHL, or FedEx, as well) or discarded.

What are PO Box Zone  “pros” & benefits?
  • Free app: You will have full access to your mail forwarding account in this app. Request for scans, get notification of new mail, etc.
  • The address is a Street address, not a P.O. box. You can also have couriers that cannot deliver to P.O. boxes deliver here.
  • You can receive mails for up to 6 names.
  • They will not open your mail, unless you ask us to do so for the purpose of scanning.
What are PO Box Zone “cons” & issues?
  • It is working only with addresses at Nevada and Wyoming, US.

See PO Box Zone reviews and analysis for further information.

Wrapping up! 

A virtual mailbox provider can be the perfect solution for those remote based professionals and businesses that don’t have a real physical street address but still need one to receive professional related mails and even forward mail in some cases.

A virtual mailbox doesn’t only offer a physical address (also called virtual address in this context) to receive mail and packages, it can end up becoming an extension to your virtual office, as you will be able to check when mail arrives via your laptop or a mobile device through your virtual mailbox account.

The best virtual mailbox services offer this with the necessary security measures and the flexibility to view and manage your mails, including junk mail filtering, unlimited storage, mail forwarding services to get some of the received mails wherever you are.

Depending on your needs you can hire a virtual mailing service for as little as $6.99 up to $159 per month. Do you have any questions or doubts? Don’t hesitate to leave them below!

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  1. I’ve been using a virtual mailbox for years now and agree that it’s extremely valuable for digital nomads.

    One of the features people should also consider as they’re researching these services is the cost to forward mail (and available logistics companies). For example, if I get a credit card in the mail or a package, I will need to have that shipped to wherever I am in the world. Each virtual mailbox service has different costs associated with forwarding mail and not all of them work with all the logistics companies.

    In my own research on virtual mailbox services, I also had to consider something else not mentioned here: getting the USPS Form 1583 signed an notarized. It’s quite a bit harder if you’ve already left the country!

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