Best Webcams and Microphones for Remote Workers Video Conferencing

webcams-remote-work-video-conferencingFor any worker or organization hoping to make the most out of remote/distributed work, there are a number of commonly-cited “best practices”. Headlining those best practices is almost always a single area of concern: communication.

Indeed, remote work’s success is almost always anchored around an organization’s ability to communicate, over communicate and asynchronously communicate to always keep things in context.

Communication requires end-to-end workflows and tooling, but before everything it comes back to setup – every remote worker needs to invest in a solid webcam and microphone set up. At the end of the day, if you’re going to talk with people less frequently, it’s crucial those conversations are flawless and efficient.

Without further ado, this article will dig into the Best Webcam and Microphone suggestions, specifically for remote workers videoconferencing.

Best Webcams for Video Conferencing 

Logitech HD Webcam C615 ($160)Shop

The C615 is the most affordable HD webcam on the Logitech roster, and it’s easily the best HD webcam on the market under $50. It’s particularly well suited to remote workers because of it’s simple, foldable design – it’s the ideal choice for those wanting a simple, lightweight and portable webcam option.

Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam ($299) – Shop

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely planning on investing in your audio setup as well. If you’re not, however, the C920S makes sure you won’t be missing much. It’s 2 integrated mics allow you to speak in captured stereo that sounds beautiful and with a real depth – on top of crisp HD quality, auto white balancing, auto focusing and much more.

For most people, the C920S is the best option on the market.

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam ($100) – Shop

If you want a beautiful 60 FPG video of yourself with an adjustable light ring that’s equal parts function, ensuring you’re always visible regardless of the terroir, and funky, ensuring you’re always your best face. The Razor brand is famous for 2 things: quality, and over-the-top visuals. The Kiyo guarantees both

Logitech Brio ($499) – Shop

On the off chance, you’re a leading executive at an “HD video hardware generator incorporation” or you just happen to be at a place where you want your colleagues to remember the fine details of your face, it’s hard to beat the Brio for ridiculous, 4K National Geographic-style webcam quality.

In all seriousness, for those who really want a master setup, it’s hard to beat the combination of form factor, quality & price for the Brio as a high-end webcam option. You know, for those who prefer the finer things in life.

Best Microphones for Video Conferencing

Anyone frequently videoconferencing owes it to them (and, more importantly, their team) to invest in a high quality microphone to ensure you’re always clear and crisp.

AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone ($57) – Shop

Amazon Basics as a brand has become synonymous with offering a surprising amount of quality for a very low price. Unsurprisingly, they deliver on microphones as well. The Amazon Basics desk mic is the best sub $60 option on the list – and despite it being extremely slimmed down (so much so, there isn’t even a headphone jack), it’s the ideal setup for anyone who wants that studio-quality sound, yet doesn’t need the frills and features.

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone ($100) – Shop

It’s hard to consider a microphone more portable than the Shure MV5, seeing as it’s quite literally just a ball. Beloved the world over for its unique form factor, the MV-5 pairs solid audio quality into the single most compact option on the market today. Those who really value portability should look no further than the MV5 for their videoconferencing setup.

Blue Snowball Microphone ($70) – Shop

For those who want the best combination of portability and quality to price, and have the flexibility to wait – the iconic Blue Snowball frequently finds itself on sale for $70 or less, which is a whole lot of quality for the price, while maintaining the same portability as the Shure MV5. With much of the same hardware that drives the audio quality of famous Blue Yeti, the Snowball is the single best option on the market for remote workers when it’s on sale.

Corsair HS50 ($50) – Shop

If you’re looking for a headset setup to keep a more compact setup, the Corsair HS50 is the best option on the market for remote workers. It’s a headset designed for gamers, which means it’s ergonomic and produces a high-quality sound in both directions – however, it’s form-factor is subtle, and won’t stick out in a professional environment. It’s also extremely affordable, sitting at below $70 during sale periods, making it a good overall option, particularly for new remote workers.

The Bottom Line

Your daily audio/video setup as a remote worker is probably the single most important investment you can make to your work – well, next to your laptop and coffee beans, of course. High quality, lossless communication between remote workers on a team makes the communication hurdles of a distributed workforce significantly less problematic.

Indeed, if you’re finding challenges with remote work, it might be as simple as making sure your tools are ready for the trade. In an age where an exceptional home office audio/video recording setup can be had for $150 or less, there’s no excuse for not presenting yourself in 60 FPS, crisp and high-quality video conferencing.

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