Bynder Orbit

Bynder Orbit

Name: Bynder Orbit


Category: Project Management

Languages: English

Price: Free

Minimum price of the tool: N/A

Tool Description: Bynder Orbit is a free all-in-one solution for you to smartly manage your creative files. Each account is packed with up to 100GB of storage and speedy AI-powered searching to help you do more, in less time. You can store, organize, and share your files simply and professionally, in a customizable brand portal that encourages open collaboration in your team no matter its size.

Your Review of The Tool:
I have to say I am biased here, as I work for Bynder.

Bynder Orbit is built for freelancers who have a lot of images and other files to store. If you are currently spending more than 30 seconds looking for a file, try out Bynder Orbit for free. Our AI powered search and filter based file structure will help you find the files you need faster.

If you want to hear from one of our customers, check out this case study here (bottom half of page).

Or if you want to see how our tool compares to Dropbox and Drive, see this comparison here

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What are the tool “pros” & benefits?:

  • My favourite things about Orbit are the AI powered search and the filter based file structure. And that it’s all free!
  • Using AI, Bynder Orbit automatically detects and tags the content of images upon upload. This means that you can search not only by filename, but also based on objects within an image.
  • With a filter structure, you can assign several different properties to one file, meaning that if the file satisfies different criteria, e.g. sea and sky if it was a beach photo, the file can be found via any/all of those filters

What are the tool “cons” & issues?:

  • There are a number of new and exciting features which are still in development (but which should be released soon).

Check out the roadmap here:

Review done by: Jack Saville

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