Community and Coliving in the very hearth of San Francisco

Located 15 minutes from the Financial District of San Francisco, .908 is a hub for talent and ideas, fostering networking and having fun. Co-living is for anyone who values the 3 C’s: community, creativity, and convenience. Tenants form lifelong relationships with each other, as well as with our guests, speakers, mentors, and partners.

In order to sustain our community, we only rent our premises for periods of 1 month or longer.

It’s San Francisco: we welcome the brightest entrepreneurs, engineers, corporate leaders, VC’s and managers, artists, musicians, philosophers and social leaders. You won’t get bored.

With our location, our events and our hunger, we are a mighty hub for talent and ideas, networking and having fun. Tenants form life-long relationships with each other, as well as with our guests, speakers, mentors, partners: artists who host galleries in our space, VC’s who play Beer Pong and lawn games in our backyard, young film directors who screen their movies in our dining room, C-level corporate executives who come to us in search of innovative tech solutions, angel investors who are eager to support startups from outside of Silicon Valley and many, many other unpredictable, interesting, and amazing people.

Coliving Prices

Time Private room Shared room

Per Day

Per Week

Per Month

2400 US Dollars

1200 US Dollars

Special Prices for Groups

Special Prices for Longer Periods

Scheduled Activities

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