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Connecting creative talent to deliver value to society

Coliving for changemakers and knowmads: A new concept, a hybrid of artistic residences, business incubators, creative labs, and a hub for entrepreneurs.

Kalart is the first work-life balanced coliving in Barcelona that attracts professionals looking for inspiration and meaningful change. Located in the Parc Natural del Montseny (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, 45 km from the city), Kalart has been founded on the belief that working in a sustainable, rural and collaborative environment away from the pressures of everyday life in the city can restore and empower people personally and professionally.

What interests us: To collaborate with and invest in creative talent that is developing projects that have a positive impact on society.

What we offer: We offer a space for coworking, coliving and mentoring on research, innovation, creation, production and promotion of creative proposals that have social impact, in the sector of cultural and creative industries (ICC).

Why Kalart?: “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it. A. Einstein”. We built a house in nature to reframe our thinking: disconnect to reconnect.

What we believe in:

  • Human-centered projects.
  • Interdisciplinarily enrich creativity.
  • Living an on-going beta version.
  • Open-source code and participation.
  • Systemic approach and foundations.
  • Non-technologically dependent.
  • Holacratic management.

What do we invest in: Any product, service or event for social impact-focused on raising consciousness.

Professionals we host:

  • Emerging artists: Stage arts (theater, dance, circus …) Plastic arts (graffiti, ceramics, paintings, illustrations …) Audio-visuals (cinema, music, 3D, demos …)
  • Designers: Graphic, industrial, interior, fashion/textile, advertising, etc.
  • Makers: Professional DIYers, Upcyclers, 3D Printing, Arduino, AI Projects, etc.
  • Impact professionals: Activists, teachers, journalists, performers, etc.
  • Holistic therapists: Yogis, sound healers, nutritionists, fitness people, etc.

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Have you stayed here? Please add your comment sharing more about why you would or wouldn't recommend this coliving!

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