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Your place to find your personal Work Life Blend...created by a like-minded team.

Kumbayja is based on the vision to build up a Digital Federation. We believe digitalisation can impact the world in a positive way starting by creating a Cycle of Give’n’Take for you.
Your place to find your personal Work Life Blend…created by a like-minded team.

The Seychelles and Mauritius provide visa for Digital Cosmopolitans.
We are proud to announce the Seychelles and Mauritius actively support our first steps to a Digital Federation. Together with these two countries: Mauritius and Seychelles we created special visa that allow you to stay up to one year including your work permit. In addition, you are able to move between part-taking countries by using this visa. It is a clear sign that it is possible to disable borders where they don’t need to exist. We hope to convince more countries to share our vision.

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5597 Euro

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