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We believe in the importance of communities – and in the microevolutions that originate from living with other people. we also know that together, we are capable to create a easier and sustainable life. this is oka’s project: to transform the way people live and experiment a city, through the creation of relatable and inspiring spaces.

Our experience was created to give to everybody the possibility to feel at home from the first moments. for this to happen, our apartments go throught  an intense process of screening. we take care of every detail – from the localization to the perfect format – always looking for new urban shelters of intimacy, affect and innovation.

So, are you ready to come here to live with us?

Co-living Houses

Oka Nova York

  • From 800,00 to 1.500,00 reales per month.
  • a building of two floors.
  • 21 rooms (small, medium and big), 9 restrooms, 3 courts, a fully equiped kitchen, a living room with a dining room, laundry, barbecue and coworking spaces.

Oka Bom Fim

  • From 700,00 to 1.300,00 reales per month.
  • huge departement of two floors in a traditional building in bom fim.
  • 13 rooms, 3 restrooms, terrace, balconies, living room, dining room, laundry, barbecue and kitchen.

Oka Padre Chagas

  • From 850,00 to 2.000,00 reales per month.
  • departement of two floors with a huge terrace on the rooftop, 450m2 of space inside.
  • 11 big rooms, two of them are like big suites, living room, laundry, kitchen and barbecue, 6 restrooms and 4 parking spots.

Oka 24 de Outubro.

  • From 950,00 to 1.500,00 reales per month.
  • Apartement of two floors.
  • 5 rooms, 3 restrooms, kitchen, laundry, terrace, dining room, living room,  + one parking spot.

Coliving Prices

Time Private room Shared room

Per Day

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Per Month

Special Prices for Groups

Special Prices for Longer Periods

Scheduled Activities

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