Where can you stay when traveling around the world? We've gathered the top coliving spaces around the world: From the US to Spain, Indonesia, Thailand to Germany and categorized them: Co-livings with private rooms or shared ones, independent or chain ones, with scheduled activities or without them, check them out!

The best colivings for Digital Nomads

To help you find a coliving that fits your digital nomads necessities we have gathered +100 colivings from all over the world, specifying their contact information, addresses, prices, services as well as main characteristics:

1. Locations

Chains & Independent

Coliving chains feature those places which have presence in many locations and can be thought of having a “chain” of colivings spaces. Independent colivings on the other hand are those that have only presence in a single location.

Fixed Base & Itinerant

Fixed-base colivings are those that have a specific, fixed presence at a place. On the other hand, itinerant colivings are those that change scenery and communities that travel together.

2. Rooms

Colivings with shared and private rooms: We list colivings based on the type of rooms they offer, there are colivings that offer both types of rooms: private and shared, while others just have either one or the other.

3. Activities

Colivings with/without Scheduled Activities: you will be able to quickly differentiate between those that offer activities and those who don’t.

You can additionally leave your reviews in case you’ve stayed there in the past.

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