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DeskXpand’s helpdesk software provides a unified interface for managing multiple customers. A single place gives you access to all your current tickets, the history of any particular ticket/customer, canned responses, real-time chat links, etc. You will not only be able to work more efficiently, but you will also be able to provide your customers with swift and effective service.

The flexibility to improve customer satisfaction comes when you no longer have to juggle between multiple screens. As well as self-service, chat, and automation in tickets and tasks, you will be able to access advanced features.

It costs $14/month for the lite version, depending on the plan you choose for your business.


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Every time I contacted Deskxpand, their staff was prompt in responding and considerate of my business requirements. It was a pleasure to work with such knowledgeable and friendly people.

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What are the “pros” & benefits?:

  • DeskXpand is a powerful and easy-to-use customer support software that helps businesses to manage their customer queries in a single interface and level up their customer service. Its one page ticketing interface is popular among users as it combines customer queries from multiple channels in a single interface. It offers integrations with Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Their wide range of features makes them an ideal fit for Retail, ecommerce, IT, Software, and growing businesses.
  • It combines all your support channels into its powerful one-page ticketing interface and converts queries into tickets. So, your team doesn’t have to juggle between multiple screens and struggle to connect the dots of customers’ journey.
  • DeskXpand’s pricing starts from $9/agent/month and it offers a competitive yet an affordable solution for the businesses with support team of 10+ users.
  • It helps your support team work proactively for small yet important tasks with quick actions like view ticket conversation, check customer journey, canned responses to ample up customer conversations, reduce repetitive queries with knowledge base, parent child ticketing, merge tickets, etc.
  • You can make use of their task management feature to seamlessly manage and track the life cycle of all your tickets. It helps you track every piece of information related to your ticket including deadlines, task progress, etc.
  • The knowledge base can help your team reduce repetitive queries. You can easily create stunning knowledge base and FAQs to maintain 24×7 availability.

What are the “cons” & issues?:

  • As of now, DeskXpand can integrate with Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. This might get a little difficult if you want to integrate DeskXpand with any other platform. Their future development roadmap includes API integration to enable seamless integration with any other app.
  • DeskXpand is an all in one software, without any isolated modules. So, using it can be a little overwhelming at first.

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Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this tool or not and how could it be better?
Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this tool or not and how could it be better?

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