Digital Nomads on the Camino de Santiago – Can You Make It Work?

Camino de Santiago for Digital NomadsThe Camino de Santiago is an incredibly popular journey that thousands of pilgrims have embarked upon throughout the centuries.

There are a plethora of routes and trails to begin the pilgrimage on, with the most popular ones starting in Portugal and France and of course leading to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.

It’s a truly unique and special journey for the person embarking on the adventure. The walk is an average of 18 km to 25 km per day and will be remarkably rewarding once you reach Santiago de Compostela.

Working as a digital nomad comes with a plethora of benefits, not the least of which is getting to set your own working hours and goals. That way you have the luxury of getting to walk the Camino de Santiago while still maintaining your digital nomad lifestyle.

Here are some of the best tips on how a digital nomad can make the Camino de Santiago work:

1. Hostels with Free Wi-Fi

Along the Camino de Santiago, you’ll find an abundance of hostels, bars and restaurants that are all equipped with free Wi-Fi. Life as a digital nomad means that you need to be not too far from Wi-Fi and somewhere you can access your laptop, and hostels along the Camino de Santiago are well-equipped for this.

The internet connection at almost every café and restaurant along the trail is pretty great, and you’re also likely to bump into a number of other digital nomads seeking the cultural excursion while also maintaining their digital lifestyle.

2. Become Inspired

Walking up to 25 km each and every day is sure to keep you fit and healthy; it’s also a great way to get your inspiration going. The fresh air, long walks and beautiful scenery will do wonders for your inspiration and will enable you to be fully creative whenever you stop for a few hours’ work.

Even if you don’t manage to work every single day (or choose not to!), you can still make the digital nomad lifestyle work for you on the Camino. With a vast choice of routes and trails, as well as plenty of rest stops and cafés to work from, you’re sure to enjoy the lavish luxury of being inspired by the great outdoors.

3. Pack the Right Shoes

Packing the right shoes is essential on any walking holiday, but it’s especially important when embarking on this particular pilgrimage as a digital nomad.

Having the right shoes will enable you to enjoy the experience much more, as your feet won’t suffer from ill-fitted shoes (just the long stretch of walking!). It will also mean that you won’t be too tired to work when you reach your designated stop.

4. Consider a Culinary Tour of the Camino

Life as a digital nomad often means that you have to carry various equipment that allows you to work, such as a laptop, chargers and a camera. With all that, you’re probably not going to want to carry enough food and water supplies too.

The best way to tackle this is to embark on a culinary tour of the Camino de Santiago, whereby you’ll be able to sample various foods along the way. This may make your journey a little more expensive, but it will definitely be worth it as you’ll be able to work much better if you haven’t had to lug food supplies about all day.

Digital nomads on the Camino de Santiago is a concept that may seem slightly daunting to many people at first. However, once you realise that most hostels and cafés have Wi-Fi, you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the pilgrimage much more. The beauty of the excursion is that you’re able to do it at your own pace, which is entirely perfect and ideal for the nomadic lifestyle.

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