DNX Buenos Aires

DNX Buenos Aires is one of the biggest digital nomad events for location independent professionals and entrepreneurs.

2 days full of inspiring talks and workshops, with more than 20 speakers and hundreds of digital nomads that share the same passions and work ideas as you. The presentations you’ll see and ideas you’ll hear will definitely help you find new ways of working and will show you tips you’ll be able to apply to your work routine.

  • Category: Location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads all over the world.
  • Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Start Date: 1st March 2017
  • Price: From $1.400 (early bird) to $2.800 (full pas- early bird)
  • Organizated by: DNX
  • Language: Spanish
  • URL: http://www.dnxbuenosaires.com/
  • For: professionals from different working areas, independent workers and digital nomads.
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