Eric Van Buskirk, Remote Based SEO Consultant w/ 15 Years of Experience

Eric Van Buskirk - Remote SEOEric Van Buskirk  is a remote based SEO Consultant looking for Consulting for eCommerce website SEO.

  • Has 15  years of experience in SEO
  • Has been 14 years working remotely
  • Specialized in SEO data studies, link building PR-SEO campaigns, all other areas of SEO
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1. Can you please share your experience highlights and achievements as an SEO professional?

I oversaw nine of the largest content marketing data studies of 2016 and 2017. They were done for ClickStream’s client Neil Patel ( My main focus for the studies were keywords in SEO, semantic SEO, and how links affect search engine ranking.

I was Project Director for the largest search engine ranking study ever conducted. The client was Brian Dean of Backlinko. 1,000,000 Google organic search results were used for the sample. It was the number one up-voted article of Q1 2016 on and

I left SEMrush in December 2014 after overseeing API integration and major accounts in North America. I worked with senior management at companies like HubSpot, strategized with some of the best minds in SEO, and put together AdWords lead generation data with over 10 million lines of CSV text to assist one of the top digital advertising agencies in the world.

2. What are your unique strengths as an SEO? Why do these companies need to hire you?

I’ve been doing partner or client relations since 1996. I know how to present information succinctly and communicate what matters. My communication skills are clear from conferences where I spoke to over 500 attendees.

3. What type of SEO roles or jobs are you interested in?

Consulting for eCommerce website SEO. Currently, I have two large clients, one on Magento and the other on Shopify.

4. How would you like to contribute in your next SEO role? What’s the impact you wish to have?

I have a very strong team of contract/freelancers I’ve developed over the years. They do top shelf work and have reasonable rates. I can pass that on to clients.

5. What type of companies would you love to work with and why?

I prefer working with companies the have some existing knowledge of Web and websites.

6. Why do you work remotely?

Flexibility. It means I work 2x smarter vs. commuting to an office with set hours.

7. How do you tackle remote work challenges? (productivity, communication, etc.)

I have 14 years of experience with remote work, so I know myself well with regard to being productive. I tend to mix “work and play” a lot, for example by socializing with a lot of other techie types. For me, I love it because it fuels my passion for content marketing and websites.

8. Is there anything else that you would like to share about you, personally or professionally?

I’m a search engine data fanatic. At SEMrush he worked with clients to customize sets of millions of URLs, keywords, and associated metrics for trend analysis. He’s a regular contributor for Search Engine Journal.

The website is a widely read resource that started 8 years ago with information about the intersection of SEO and content strategy.

I started ClickStream Marketing, Inc., an interactive agency in Cebu, Philippines and grew to 15 employees over a three year period, from 2005-2008.

I have much experience managing staff, including overseeing operations for Metropolitan Opera telephone fundraising: Four supervisors and 35 part-time, paid fundraisers were direct reports.

9. How can companies get in touch with you to talk more about a potential remote position?

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