Colivings around the World: Announcing a New Section on Remoters!

Colivings Section - RemotersWe are happy to announce that we have just launched a new coliving section that you can find in 

As coliving lovers, we have gathered a list of them to facilitate your quest to search for the best coliving wherever you go, which is our goal with it.

In this post, we want to guide you through this new Remoters section to help you make the most of it, and of course, if you still have any questions or feedback about it after you read it, feel free to let us know in the comments too.

How’s the coliving section organized?

To facilitate you to find a coliving that fits your necessities we have gathered almost 50 colivings from all over the world in the colivings area (thank you for helping us to find them here).

Starting from the colivings home page, when you land there, you’ll be able to find:

  1. Top colivings: At the top of the page, you will have the Top Featured Colivings. This section features our favorite colivings, those that we directly know or from which we have a direct referral and we feel happy to endorse.
  2. Upload a coliving: At the right area of the top coliving spaces you can directly upload a coliving space yourself if you are an owner or if you want to send us any coliving you think it might be useful for us to feature by just filling a simple form!Top Coliving Space
  3. More colivings: Below the top colivings section, you will find a wider range of coliving options for you to choose from, where we feature the latest ones that we have listed on the site.More colivings space
  4. Top Countries with colivings: We have organized the colivings by country, as this is the most used criteria to look for them. We have colivings located in USA, Spain, Indonesia, Germany and Thailand at the moment.Top Countries Colivings
  5. Colivings Types: We have also categorized the colivings by using other characteristics or features we asked you about (through this survey, which you can still answer by the way) that you used when selecting them: Room types, activities, a fixed base or an itinerant one, were among them; so we listed the colivings also using these criteria:Coliving types

What different coliving types are there?

We have categorized colivings by:

  1. Location

      1.1- Chains & Independent: Coliving chains feature those places which have presence in many locations and can be thought of having a “chain” of colivings spaces. Independent colivings on the other hand are those that have only presence in a single location.
      1.2.- Fixed Base & Itinerant: Fixed-base colivings are those that have a specific, fixed presence at a place. On the other hand, itinerant colivings are those that change scenery and communities that travel together.
  2. Rooms
      Colivings with shared and private rooms: We list colivings based on the type of rooms they offer, there are colivings that offer both types of rooms: private and shared, while others just have either one or the other.
  3. Activities
      Colivings with/without Scheduled Activities: you will be able to quickly differentiate between those that offer activities and those who don´t.

What information you’ll find from each coliving?

By browsing the coliving home page or any of the colivings section where we feature the coliving spaces based on their locations, rooms or activities you’ll be able to access to a specific coliving details page. For example, The Hub Fuerteventura one.

In each coliving page, you will find more details about it:

  1. Name, Description & Address: We provide you with a short description, followed by the location of the coliving with exact address in the left hand side.
  2. Prices: Since price is a critical criteria when deciding to choose a coliving, we provide a reference information about the prices for the different type of rooms available. Keep in mind, that prices are always indicative, since they depend on the features you might want to add to them, as well as the location.Coliving prices
  3. Special Features: In addition, we let you know if there are any special prices for groups or longer periods of stay as well as scheduled activities. Each coliving will show a tick or a cross accordingly.Coliving features
  4. Similar Colivings: To facilitate your search of more options, the end of every review, you will find suggestions of similar colivings.Similar colivings

Please keep in mind that this is the first iteration of what we expect to be the most complete coliving resource! If you want us to include a new coliving, you can submit it directly through this form.

We hope that you like what we already offer, although we have more features to come. If you have any feedback or request for additional functionality, we will be delighted to hear about it, please don’t hesitate to let us know here.

Welcome to the new Remoters Coliving Section!

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