François Joly, Remote Based SEO & Web Analytics Expert w/ 13 years of Experience

François Joly - Remote based SEOFrançois Joly is a remote based SEO & Web Analytics Expert looking for a new remote job:

  • Has 13  years of experience
  • Has been 6 year working remotely
  • Specialized in Technical SEO
  • Find in LinkedIn, Twitter, Github

1. Can you please share your experience highlights and achievements as an SEO professional?

Originally I went to a computer science school. Soon after I drifted into marketing and towards SEO in particular. The last time I was full-time onsite employe, I was the Online Marketing Director of an online travel startup. For the past 6 years, I’ve been a freelancer, trying to use my tech and marketing skills for my e-commerce, startup, big account clients. I used to live in Brussels and Paris, now I’m in London

2. What are your unique strengths as an SEO? Why do these companies need to hire you?

I would say, my hybrid profile marketing <> tech. I can wrangle data and make some automation happen using R, set up some GTM configuration while enjoying analyzing performance results and working on the growth strategy,

3. What type of SEO roles or jobs are you interested in?

I’m would love to find a project to join as a part-time employee or contractor. I would be perfect a technical web analyst, a growth team member, a technical SEO

4. How would you like to contribute in your next SEO role? What’s the impact you wish to have?

I like making people work together, I like being the tech <> marketing translator if it makes sense

5. What type of companies would you love to work with and why?

A data-oriented company would be nice. I enjoyed working with charities, travel website, e-commerce website but any kind of passionate team of people is interesting to join

6. Why do you work remotely?

The main reason is that I’m usually working on several projects at once, the commute wouldn’t make any sense. What I like the most is that it’s easier to take a step back and think about the process and what really matters.

7. How do you tackle remote work challenges? (productivity, communication, etc.)

For me remote work deadly sin is communication. So I try to write a lot of things down and to ask all the questions and even the dumb ones. it’s far worst to work on something irrelevant for a day.

8. Is there anything else that you would like to share about you, personally or professionally?

I can give you some sourdough bread making tips

9. How can companies get in touch with you to talk more about a potential remote position?

You’ll find references, contact details on my website

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