Freedom Business Summit 2022


This year we are hosting the 4th annual global online summit and bring together 3000+ conscious entrepreneurs, bitcoiners, world travelers, global investors, and freedom seekers, and spiritual leaders from all around the globe to share knowledge, experience, and expertise.nomad summit 2022

Join us for two powerful days to learn the best strategies about getting second citizenship, international investing, freedom sovereign lifestyle, and what is working now.


New offshore strategies & safe heavens – building a Plan B, international tax planning, new business strategies, strategies for bitcoin investors and assets protection.
Second citizenship programs & relocation – residency and relocation visas, getting multiple second passports, second residencies and citizenship, investment immigration.
Global incorporation and banking – learn how to find the best jurisdiction, benefits of Estonia e-Residency program, international banking and new global shifts to observe.
Real estate & investment strategies – learn how to find the best location to invest overseas, international real estate and property investing.
Self sovereignty & location independency – playing the game of flag theory, why having a second passport is necessary, how do you pick the right jurisdiction and what the paperwork is like.
Getting Carribean citizenship through investment – how to pick out the right program for investment, remove visa restrictions, reduce your tax, change place of residence or study.

Past Editions



  • Freedom Business Summit 2019. Kyiv, Ukraine. Date: 2019-09-19.
    • Speakers Freedom Business Summit 2019
      • Marvin Liao – PARTNER 500 STARTUPS (San Francisco, USA)
      • Johannes Voelkner – Founder at Nomad Cruise (Palma De Mallorca, Spain)
      • Arnaud Castaignet – Head of PR for E-Residency (Estonia)
      • Tomas Grizas – Co-founder at Houseys (Lithuania)
      • James Whittet – Mindset and Conscious Evolution Educator (Hungary)
      • Gavin Dantez – Ecommerce Entrepreneur (Bali)
      • Zach Benson – CEO at Assistagram (USA)
      • Alex Huditan – Amazon & Lifestyle Entrepreneur (Romania)

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Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this event or not and how could it be better?

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