Groups, Camps and Events for Digital Nomad Women

FOR DIGITAL NOMAD WOMENMany digital nomads, even complete newbies, join Facebook groups to find answers to their everyday life as a remote worker. These groups provide guidance, advice on how to start out, and new ways and ideas for continuing. They are a place to admit your fears, share your goals, or find someone who can have your back. Some nomads take the next step and attend camps and events.

Some of these spaces—both online and in real life—are exclusively for women. They aim to provide a special place for women to feel supported by other women in their digital nomad or entrepreneurship journey.  Below we’ve highlighted some of these opportunities for women digital nomads to gather and share information.

Digital Nomad Groups for Women

1. Digital Nomad Girls Community

This is a closed group organized by Digital Nomad Girls where you can find not only events for digital nomad women, but also Facebook Live Q&As on topics chosen by members, and inspirational features about amazing digital nomad women.

If you are looking for a supportive community just for girls, request to join their group on Facebook and introduce yourself. You will surely find answers to many of the digital nomad and remote work questions you are asking yourself.

2. Female Digital Nomads

With close to 5000 members, this group of women digital nomads has created community by encouraging their members to answer a set of weekly questions. These questions allow members to talk to each other by sharing information about themselves, such as:

  • Goals for the week.
  • Current location and suggestions for meetups.
  • Struggles and challenges from the week.
  • Accomplishments for the week.
  • Calls for collaborations.
  • Promotion for current projects and businesses.
  • Inspiring stories.
  • Sharing this information with members creates a space for digital nomad women to feel encouraged by the rest of the members. It’s a great source of inspiration and support.

3. Women Digital Nomads

Women Digital Nomads is a “community to help all nomads, especially women, find the best cities to live and work remotely, learn new skills and be inspired by others.” Women Digital Nomads believe that most digital nomad resources  are focused on men (and created by men)  so they offer guides with “tips on safety, women co-working spaces and accommodation, and much more to help you stay safe on the road while living the lifestyle of your dreams.”

In addition to their website, Digital Nomad Women have a Facebook page where they share their guides as well as job offers and job search tips. They also answer questions from community members.

Digital Nomad Events for Women

1. Digital Nomad Girls Retreat in Sun and Co.

Thanks to the success they had last year, the team at Sun and Co. have collaborated with Digital Nomad Girls to host another retreat for women. Sun and Co. is a coliving space in Javea, a beautiful historic town near the beach south of Valencia, Spain. The retreat runs from September 18 to 27, 2017.

In addition to the great work space at Sun and Co., the retreat will include mastermind sessions, skill shares, welcome BBQ dinner and drinks, farewell paella party with sangria, and much, much more.

Don’t miss a discount for the retreat to all of our subscribers. If you are not in our newsletter, do it now and get an amazing discount!

2.- Refuga Womens Workation

20 international female entrepreneurs, 7 days and 1 Moroccan workation. This retreat offers all this in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

You will stay in a beautiful riad—a traditional Moroccan house, explore the city of Essaouira, and visit local businesses, all while getting work done and enjoying sessions, workshops, and yoga with the group.

Dates for the next retreat are not yet confirmed, but check the Remoters event page for details as soon as they are available.

3. Women on the Mountain

Learn, work, and network in the Pirin Mountains of Bulgaria at this conference in Bankso. In September 2017, Coworking Bankso offers 3 days of formal and informal sessions and activities for women interested in tech and business. You can register with or without accommodation.

Do you know more activities and organizations for women Digital Nomads?

When women create spaces where they can be themselves and collaborate with one another, they flourish. Have we missed any great opportunities for digital nomad women? We would love to add them to our list.

Please let us know in the comments below about any events, Facebook groups, or space in general so we can add them to!

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