Hiring & Managing Remote Based Professionals for your Company’s Team

Hiring a remote based teamAfter a year of successful leading and managing a happily “remote” based company, I’d like to share our own experience in Adinton, by focusing on one of the most critical aspects of a company that can become more complex to handle when going remote: the hiring process. 

Logically if you want to have a remote team, you first have to hire professionals who don’t only fit the qualifications and experience you’re looking for, but in this case, that are also willing and able to work remotely.

We thought of it to be actually a challenge until we found Remoters Job section, that has played a critical role in our hiring process by allowing our remote job openings to be visible to the right community of already experienced remote based professionals or professionals looking actively to become remote based; allowing us to easily receive applications from highly qualified and experienced professionals, that not only matched but way exceeded our expectations.

We have successfully hired not only technical profiles -that are more common to work remotely and easier to manage in the distance- but also sales and customer success team members. How have we done it? By looking for the following fundamental characteristics when we go through their experience and during the interview: 

  1. Self-managing: They show an enviable degree of self-management, asking for scenarios where they have needed to achieve results independently, with a high level of security, without needing for constant validation or feedback.
  2. Responsible: They have been continuously self-driven, committed and disciplined in the past as they will work remotely, acknowledging the high level of transparency needed when working remotely to make communication happen seamlessly.
  3. Great communicators: Check if they can clearly communicate what they need from others as well as to fulfill requests without needing to be physically in the same space. 
  4. Efficiency: Verify they can fulfill a request, with the expected results on time. 
  5. Empathic: See if they can put themselves in the place of the other person, regardless of the role, which greatly facilitates communication, a good work environment and especially the achievement of goals.
  6. Time Assessment: They can effectively track the time allocated for every required activity, following your guidelines.  

How is our recruitment strategy?

We have effectively used Remoters Job section, to identify the ideal candidate who fulfill the previously specified characteristics:

  1. We have written clear job offers as you can see here and here. People should know as much as possible to what position they’re applying for, what are the requirements and expectations with clear details.
  2. Do not expect a huge volume of resumes every time you post an offer. Expect fewer resumes but with a higher quality of more relevant professionals.
  3. Prepare long-term applications: You will receive resumes even months after you publish the job ad, which is great, when you have a team that is growing slowly, as is our case.

By following the previous guidelines our experience with Remoters job section to receive and hire relevant candidates to join our remote team has been excellent, with highly qualified profiles fitting well with our company. 

Rafa JimenezRafa Jimenez is the CEO at Adinton Technologies, cutting edge Marketing Software.

Adinton has client around the world, which want to know exactly how are interacting each channel for getting conversiones (sales or leads). Adinton is achieving for their customers x10 anual revenue or x2 conversions in less than 60 days. Offline Conversions Tracking + TV Attribution + Ad Fraud + Data Driven Attributrion + Marketing Automation all 1 one place, all working together

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