How to Live in Barbados with the Remote Work Visa? An Interview with SEO Consultant Martin McDonald

Martin McDonald is an experienced SEO Consultant (Website, twitter), Founder of MOG Media, originally from the UK who has lived in the UK, Spain and in the US -specifically, in Silicon Valley- before leaving to live in Barbados back in July this year with the Barbados remote work visa (that we have covered along other remote work visas in this guide).

In this interview I ask Martin about:

  • Why and How did he move to Barbados from the Bay Area? [min 2:37]
  • How has been the move to a new country as a remote worker with a family with kids? [min 10:26]
  • How does the remote work visa in Barbados work? [min 15:50]
  • Practical advice when you want to move to another country as a remote worker with your family [min 19:45]
  • Hasn’t something worked as expected when moving as a remote worker? [min 24:32]
  • What are your thoughts on the future of remote work from what you’ve experienced so far? [27:31]

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