Hundred5Name: Hundred5
Category: HR Tools
Languages: English
Price: 290 US$ Dollars

Tool Description:
Hundred5 is a skill-based recruiting tool for remote companies. Instead of sending in resumes and cover letters, the candidate applies for a remote job by taking a short (15-30 min) job-related skill test. The tests are created by the employers, are fully customizable and help the employer screen applicant’s job-related skills, performance, and job fit. The system automatically weeds out unqualified applicants and gives a shortlist of the best performers to the employer.

For candidates, the application process is faster, easier and more engaging.

Your Review of The Tool:
Hiring remotely is extremely difficult based on resumes because of the high volume of applications and the employer’s lack of knowledge about candidate’s previous schools and work experience abroad. It will take ages to go through all the applicants manually and pick out the best ones based on backgrounds.

With Hundred5, all these problems are in the past. Attracting (passive) remote candidates, picking out top talent and handling the whole recruiting process is super easy with Hundred5’s engaging tests and automated rating system. Definitely the best tool for hiring remote staff.

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What are the tool “pros” & benefits?:
1. Fully customizable skill tests. You can either use readymade tests or set up your own.
2. Automated follow-up emails. Contacting applicants is super simple – you just set up personalized emails which the applicants will get as soon as they’ve applied.
3. Hiring pipeline (simple drag&drop) to keep recruiting under control
4. Free version (although with some limitations)

What are the tool “cons” & issues?:
1. No integration with applicant tracking systems. This might be a problem for bigger remote companies who are already using some other ATS tool and don’t want to fully switch over to Hundred5. However, Hundred5 has its own hiring pipeline so you don’t really need an additional ATS.
2. Starting price is $290/month which might be too high for small remote companies, but given how much time it saves, it is probably cheaper than hiring in a ‘traditional way’ with resumes.

Review done by: Melissa Sepp from

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Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this tool or not and how could it be better?

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