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Description of iati Seguros:
Travel and the health insurance policy that offers many options to suit many types of trips: long, adventure, multi-country, etc. Below we propose the plans that best suit a digital nomad or remote worker. The insurance is for any English speaking traveler because they cover any traveler of any nationality for trips of a maximum duration of 120 days if neither the origin nor the destination of the trip in Spain. In this last case, we can cover up to 365 consecutive days.

All travel insurance products also offer coverage for COVID-19: Diagnostic tests (PCR), health transportation, medical assistance, hospitalization, quarantine, and repatriation, as well as cancellation coverage in case of positive COVID-19 in Spain, of the insured, parents or children, if this prevents them from traveling on the scheduled dates.

iati Insurance Plans

iati Standard
The perfect insurance for travelers planning a single large trip, lasting from 6 months to one year. It has a single price regardless of the length of the trip so that you don’t have to travel longer, and offers good discounts for family or group travel.

Some of the main coverages it includes are the following:

  • Coverage for COVID-19
  • Up to 200,000 euros of medical expenses
  • It includes coverage for the most common adventure sports, and we also offer you a small supplement additional coverage for adventure with higher risk such as big treks up to 5.400mts of altitude or diving.
  • Chronic, pre-existing, or congenital diseases – emergencies
  • Personal injury in motor vehicle accidents
  • Sending medicines abroad
  • Luggage theft and damage – 1,200
  • Displacement of a family member – 1000
  • Convalescence at the hotel – 900
  • Search and Rescue – 3,000
  • Defense of criminal liability abroad – 3,000
  • Private civil liability – 30,000

However, we recommend looking at all the information about iati Standard on their page.

iati Backpacker
Especially thought for those who go out to see the world without knowing very well the countries they are going to visit or the duration of their trip and who take certain risks. It combines high medical coverage of €250,000 with our classic cover and other specific upgrades such as adventure sport, search and rescue, and computer equipment in your luggage. You can also take out a new policy when you arrive if you decide to extend your trip.

Our backpacker travel insurance includes cancellation cover of up to €2,000 if you are unable to go on your trip for one of the reasons set out in the policy. For cancellation cover, you must take out this insurance policy at the same time or within the following 7 days of booking the trip to which the policy applies.

  • Coverage for COVID-19
  • Medical coverage, 250,000
  • Coverage of more than 60 sports and adventure activities, search and rescue. So you can even dive
    up to 20mts deep, or do great trekking up to 5.400mts high
  • Not valid for people over 70 years old
  • It can be hired once the trip has started, with a 72-hour grace period from the time of hiring
  • Chronic, pre-existing or congenital diseases – emergencies
  • Personal injury in motor vehicle accidents
  • Sending medicines abroad
  • Theft and damage to luggage – 1,500
  • Displacement of a family member – 600
  • Convalescence at the hotel – 600
  • Search and Rescue – 15,000
  • Private civil liability – 60,000 euros* We will pay any claims brought against you if you are held liable for any injuries or damage you involuntarily cause to third parties.

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It is the best insurance I have ever traveled with. It may be more expensive than others but the attention, communication, and refunds of medical expenses have always been fast and I have not had any problem.

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What are the “pros” and the benefits of the Tool?

  • There are many insurances that adapt to each type of trip you are going to take. You can hire iati for trips of a few days, or a few months to a year.
  • At any time, before or during the trip you can modify the policy and extend the plan or duration of the trip.

What are the “cons” and disadvantages of the Tool?

  • In the case of having an accident in a motor vehicle, they do not cover the damages to the vehicle or those that the vehicle produces to others.
  • Pregnant women: it only covers the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Compared to other travel insurance:

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Please add your comment sharing more about why you would recommend this tool or not and how could it be better?

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