Interview: Jacqui Beel

Jacqui Beel is Head of Content Marketing at PowWownow and enjoys being a remoter because of all the advantages not working in an office has. You can find her on Twitter where she tweets a lot about the fact that businesses need to adapt to avoid losing a generation of talented women.

Jacqui Beel remoter

1. Which are the main advantages that you find by working remotely?

Freedom to fit work around my personal life and commitments .

2. Do you think you have disadvantages or that you’re missing something by working remotely?

No, using tools such as IM or video chat allows you to stay connected. It’s important to go to social events when possible as well.

3. From which cities or countries have you worked since you have become remote? Which has been your favorite one?

London, Kent, France.

4. From which type of place do you prefer to work from? Coworking spaces, coffee shops or others? Do you have any specific place?

Home or coffee shop – depends on the task.

5. Which places would you like to travel to -from where you would enjoy and work from- as a remote worker?

Lots of European destinations. Maybe on a beach in Asia.

6. What would you say to the companies that don’t believe on hiring employees who work remotely?

They’re missing a trick. Reduced office costs, remote workers can provide some much needed consistency and realiability.

7. Which tools do you use to work remotely?

IMeet, Slack, Powwownow conference calls .

8. How do you manage your business and taxes as remote working professional?

I’m still employed by a business.

9. What advice would you give to people looking to work remotely?

Organise yourself, have a structure and still ‘go to work’, get dressed and actively go!


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