Interview: Johannes Fürst

Johannes Fürst is the Managing Director of his own Company: Montebelo. You can read more about him in linkedin or in his website.Johannes Fürst

1. Which are the main advantages that you find of working remotely?

It opens your mind.
You learn every day.
You´ll never get bored.

2. Do you think you have disadvantages or that you’re missing something by working remotely?

You loose time with finding your place, getting comfortable to work in a new place and to get to know your ways.
Also you don´t have a local network that you might have when working for longer times in one place.

3. From which cities or countries have you worked from since you have become a digital nomad? Which is your favorite one?

Lisbon, Portugal
Regensburg, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Porto, Portugal
Santander, Spain
Barcelona Spain (current favorite)

4. From which type of place do you prefer to work from? Coworking spaces, coffee shops or others? Do you have any specific place?

I prefer to have a shared office, a place where I can work with people but also where I can have my own space.

5. Which places would you like to travel to -from where you would enjoy and work from- as a digital nomad?

San Francisco
New Sealand

6. What would you say to the companies that don’t believe on hiring employees who work remotely?

If you want somebody that know to adapt the new situations easily and that can motivate himself you should go for a remote worker.

7. Which tools do you use to work remotely?

Computer and phone, a good bag. Not too much more.

8. How do you manage your business and taxes?

I founded my company in Germany as I know the system there best.
My accounting works through a cloud and every month I upload all docs.

9. What advice would you give to people looking to become a digital nomad and work remotely?

“Do as the locals do”.

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