Interview to Larry Mersman

Larry Mersman is VP of Business Development at Back Azimuth Consulting. You can find Larry in LinkedIn and Twitter.

1. How did you start working remotely? 

Took on the roll to build a US presence and branding for an Australian based software company.

2. What do you think are the main advantages of remote work?

Conserving time spent on commuting, wear and tear on your vehicle and body, and the funds attached to both.

Being able to blend work and personal life needs. Having that freedom allowed me to balance home life and work responsibilities.

3. Do you think there are disadvantages or that you’re missing something by working remotely?

Sometimes not knowing when to back away from the screen and take a break. I would often times find myself starting at 7:00am and ending at 11:00pm.

The comradery and accessibilities to answers associated with being in a workspace. Watercooler chat. 🙂

4. From what cities or countries have you worked since you have become remote? 

I am home office based near the Port of Los Angeles but have done online business from most of the event cities that I have traveled to over the years. My favorite is when taking a working vacation in Palm Springs with the Family.

5. From what type of place do you prefer to work? 

The home office is the most secure in my opinion. When traveling, I prefer to be in more secluded areas so no one is looking over my shoulder.

6. What places would you like to travel to while working remotely?

Europe. All of it. Sadly, I have been to London three times and have seen nothing but the hotels and event venues.

7. What would you say to the companies that don’t believe in hiring employees who work remotely?

My Friend Christine Churchill used to have a Mantra when speaking on keyword research and relevance. “Test, Test, Test!”. More and more, companies are having to consider remote work options to attract the best and brightest from all over the world. If they are hesitant, invest in testing the idea. Determine the workflow results, as well as

8. Which tools do you use to work remotely?

That’s changed over the years. I have gone through so many. More recently: Screaming Frog, HREFLang Builder, (shameless plug) Buffer, SalesForce, Conductor, BuzzStream, Ahrefs, Ignitur, and a handful more.

9. How do you manage your business and taxes as a remote working professional?


10. What advice would you give to people looking to work remotely and companies making the remote switch?

Have a defined, measurable set of goals and desired results. Test out how much and how often communication is needed to ensure productivity, and that urgency is maintained when dealing with client/customer matters. Working remotely takes away the ability to go pound on someone’s door to get answers.

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