Adinton Technologies

We are a small company with big dreamers located in Barcelona. We are developing and selling a rule breaker software (

We are just making something as easy as count every single click that every person is doing in the ads (seo, ppc, social networks, direct,…) and inside of the website of our clients. Then we organise this information for getting the most powerful insights. We just inform to our clients where and how much they have to invest in their online marketing campaigns for getting the maximum profit. Easy, isn’t it?

Probably we are the cool-less, ninja-less or jedi-less Company in the world, and it doesn’t matter, but we are so happy and proud of what we do and especially we are so proud of helping our customers to break the rules of marketing. We think that online marketing tools and online marketing campaigns are proprietary of the big companies. As big as you are better tools and better campaigns you’ll get.

We want to break this rule, we think of offering the best tool with affordable price, every Company with their own team will be able to achieve any kind of goal. We just want to “democratize” the High Value Stats. If we offer the tool and the client put the talent the success is nearest than never before.

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