Backend Node JS (future CTO path) in Phlow

Salary Range: Between 3,000 and 5,000 US$ per month

Hello Everyone!

An exciting opportunity opened up to work with a dynamic, distributed startup. Are you a developer who embrace a remote working, extremely skilled in backend Node JS, interested in the opportunities blockchain is going to offer and with the aim to start covering a CTO role in the future? If you replied "yes" four times, read on...

We are a startup with a ready-product in a standalone version, which is going to embrace blockchain technology in the next three months. We are a distributed company with a very simple, no-bs approach.

If you join phlow you will:
  • Build a very cool product. You will be immersed in the next generation of photo sharing platform.
  • Work in a tight, distributed startup with very cool people (ok, maybe a bit nerdy as well)
  • Flexible working hours
  • You care deeply about code quality, performance, and execution, but aren't a dogmatic perfectionist
  • Base salary+stock options+tokens(on tokenisation)
  • Be part of the solution to solve problems
  • No-politics, no-ego team from many countries and many cultures
  What are we looking for?
  • Skilled backend developer (some HTML mumbo-jumbo needed, but not much)
  • Node JS ninja. I mean, you are a kick a** developer
  • Eats MongoDB and PostgreSQL every morning
  • Drinks git and GitHub at least twice a day
  • Knows Linux infrastructure
  • Good Communicator
  • Organised and Problem Solver

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