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We're looking to fill an extremely important role in our company, a new Client Coach (a fusion of a Project Manager and Client Account Manager) – responsible for maintaining current projects, keeping our team on-track, reporting to our clients, having client calls to discuss issues, listening to client's concerns and conveying them to our team to create a clear and concise strategy to achieve our client's goals, reporting to our clients on a consistent basis, and being observant of plenty of intangible things that can be important to project health.

  • First point of contact with the client – handed off from Client Concierge for new clients
  • Manages the day-to-day progression of projects
  • Leads the Debrief calls to walk through projects and update timelines with their team
  • Manages team's time & schedule in Toggl
  • Adds new projects to Toggl & Basecamp
  • Weekly updates to all clients on Mondays with the progression of projects
  • Monthly Reports & general project upkeep
  • Responsible for keeping the client happy, and managing expectations of the client
  • Responsible for relaying the goals of the client to the Production Managers in an effort to push forward the most important priorities first
  • Responsible for keeping the projects within budget – with time and resource allocation
  • Responsible for keeping the operations of the team efficient and effective from a high-level perspective (tools, tasks, and tactics)
Main deliverables responsible for:
  • Weekly client updates & performance checking
  • Client project on-boarding and hand-off from Client Concierge's (Sales)
  • Conveying major project updates to client & being on audit calls with Production Managers
  • Managing tasks assigned to Production Managers & Producers
  • Building and delivering Monthly Reports for clients
  • Managing time tables in Toggl to make sure we aren't going over for client projects or under when under-delivering
Intangibles that are important for this job:
  • Clear communication
  • Great listener
  • Observant and intuitive
  • Organized and functional
  • Natural leader and charismatic
  • An overall understanding of SEO and general inbound marketing
  • An ability to turn client concerns into actionable strategy

Additional notes or requirements

This is a completely remote job, but our company is "based out of" Sarasota, Florida. We have 8 current team members and our agency is quickly growing! This would be one of our most important positions currently, as it is the point person between the client and the production work for their project. We have paid healthcare, remote work, results only work environment, extremely flexible vacation policies, and plenty of software to make your job that much easier. That being said you have to be able to be consistent in your work in a remote environment, and we hold each-other to a high standard to keep our quality of work up.

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