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Which are the top Canadian companies working and hiring remotely?  There are many remote based Canadian companies across many industries -from small startups to big enterprises now working remotely-, with jobs in software development, marketing, business management, and more. Take a look at the best remote based jobs and working companies originally from Canada:

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What's the status of Remote Jobs in Canada?

Did you know that Toronto is the world’s third-fastest growing city for coworking spaces, with a new space opening every 13 days?

This, along with the many cafes full of people staring attentively at their laptops, can only mean one thing: the number of remote workers and digital nomads in Canada is on the rise.

In fact, according to Robert Half, a staffing firm in Canada, 43% of employees state that their company offers the option to work remotely. That’s almost half of all Canadian employees, and if things keep evolving the way they’ve been evolving, the number will quickly surpass the 50% mark, which brings us to the next question…

Why Is Remote Work So Popular in Canada?

There are two main factors that are driving Canadian companies to invest in remote work: the benefits it has been proven to provide and the demand from the workforce.

If you’ve been going through our website, you’ve probably gathered that becoming a remote worker won’t only be beneficial for yourself, but also for the company that hires you. From lower costs in terms of office rent, energy bills, and relocations costs, for example, to higher productivity levels, access to a bigger talent pool, improved employee retention, and more: hiring remote workers is a great business decision and an increasing number of Canadian business owners know that.

But even more than that: the shift towards a remote-first working culture is happening whether companies like it or not. More and more people want to have the freedom of working from home (or from wherever they want) and for companies to only hire in-house employees might become a restricting factor in their growth.

What's the future of Remote Work in Canada?

When surveyed about remote work, 54% of senior managers from Canada said that, over the past three years, their organizations had opened remote work opportunities for employees.

Considering the benefits we listed before, as well as the quick advances in terms of technology and software, it’s safe to say that will continue to thrive in the country. So, if you were thinking of starting your digital nomad journey in Canada, we say go for it.

Whether you work in business management, marketing, development, or design, there’s no shortage of opportunities for digital nomads in Canada. Scroll up and check our list of the best remote-based Canadian companies. Good luck!

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