Companies Hiring Remotely in Singapore

Which are the top Singapore companies working and hiring remotely?  There are many remote based Singaporean companies across many industries -from small startups to big enterprises now working remotely-, with jobs in software development, marketing, business management, and more. Take a look at the best remote based working companies originally from Singapore (and if you're looking for remote jobs, check our job board now):

Remote Based Jobs in Singapore

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Remote Jobs in Singapore

With countless co-working spaces spread around the country, amazing landscapes everywhere you look, and a culture richer than you can imagine, it’s no wonder that Singapore has become an extremely popular destination among remote workers and digital nomads.

If you’ve been thinking about moving to Asia for your next traveling adventure but you’re not quite sure which country you should pick, this quick article might just help you make a decision.

Continue reading to learn about the state of remote work in Singapore in 2020!

How popular is remote work in Singapore?

Did you know that Singapore is one of the countries with the highest density of per capita coworking spaces in the world (coming only after Luxembourg)?

There are actually 120 co-working spaces in the country and this, along with the fact that the Singaporean government offers incentives in order to boost innovation and enterprise formation, has caused to country’s remote work and startup culture to grow at an unprecedented rate.

Additionally, Singapore has one of the fastest internet connections in the entire world (an average of 20.3 Mbps, compared to America’s 18.7 Mbps). This is always a perk for those of us who rely so heavily on the power of WiFi to lead a digital nomad lifestyle (and those of us who can’t afford to pay a co-working membership, since it means you can easily work from your hotel or apartment).

Remote work in Singapore: Now and in the future

In short, remote work is in Singapore to stay.

Over the years, the country has become a major center for innovation and entrepreneurship, and that definitely reflects on the variety and quality of career opportunities you’ll find there.

Intrigued to know more? Scroll up and learn more about some of the top remote-based Singapore companies -- you might just come across the job of your dreams (in the country of your dreams)!

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