Companies Hiring Remotely in United Kingdom (UK)

Which are the top UK companies working and hiring remotely?  There are many remote based UK companies across many industries -from small startups to big enterprises now working remotely-, with jobs in software development, marketing, business management, and more. Take a look at the best remote based working companies originally from the UK (and if you're looking for remote jobs, check our job board now):

Remote Based Jobs in United Kingdom (UK)

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What's the Status of Remote Jobs in the UK?

Did you know that at least 56% of companies offer remote work?

From that number, an impressive 16% of those companies are set up to be fully remote with no headquarters, allowing staff to work from home, a coffee shop, a coworking space, an exotic beach, or wherever else they may feel most productive. Wherever there is wifi, remote workers are able to put in their office hours without ever needing to set foot in an office.

The remaining 40% of companies that offer remote work are actually hybrid companies, which means they hire for both in-office and remote positions. Some companies even allow their employees to freely switch between working remotely and coming in to the office. More and more companies are seeing the rising trend of remote workers, and are altering company structure to accommodate for this changing work environment.

How Popular Is Remote Work Across the UK?

In 2012, 4.2 million people in the UK worked from home, either full- or part-time. In 2018, 4.4% of the entire workforce in the UK, from ages 15-64, was working remotely. Remote work is becoming increasingly popular year after year, and it is easy to understand why.

Staff members are happier with the increased freedom to set their own schedule and maintain a work life balance, not to mention the cost and time savings from eliminating the daily commute. Surprisingly, a work-life balance is not the main reason people choose to work remotely. Productivity is the most popular reason people choose remote work. Happy employees are more productive and efficient about their work, as they can choose the best hours and environment for their work styles. The popularity of remote work is increasing so quickly, that half of the UK workforce is expected to work remotely by 2020.

Why do UK companies prefer to hire remotely?

Companies benefit from hiring remotely by having team members who work efficiently, because workers can choose their most productive hours. Hiring remotely gives companies a better chance of hiring the best candidate for the job, not simply the best in the area near the office. Remote workers have a much bigger talent pool to choose from.

Overhead costs for the company are also much lower due to less office space and office equipment being required. Productive and happy staff members and lowered costs make hiring remotely a smart business move for companies to consider. The higher morale leads to significantly improved staff retention, decreasing the need to spend time and funding on constant hiring and onboarding efforts.

From small startup companies to huge enterprises, there are many companies across the UK that are fully remote or are offering remote positions. Whether you are seeking remote work in marketing, education, IT, sales, app development, or something else, there are a lot of UK companies currently looking to hire remote workers. Have a look through the list below for some of the best remote-based UK companies. Happy job hunting!

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