Copywriters in German, French, Swiss German and Swiss French for Travel content in Peak2Pier

Client request as follows:


We want to push our SEO for our top European markets, France, Switzerland and Germany. To do this we will begin with 10 fully SEO optimised destination pages for each of these markets. These 10 will be the best selling destinations for each market at the moment.
  • The writing should be from a native in each country and unique to each market. The languages will be French, Swiss German, Swiss French & German.
  • 4 markets and 10 pages per market – 40 pages in total.

Each destination page should contain 1000 words following a template:

  • H1 holidays in (destination)
  • Intro (300 words)
  • H2 Top resorts
  • Text + h3 of 3 resorts (200 words)
  • H2 hotels in (destination)
  • H2 Things to do in (destination)
  • Body (200 words)
  • H2 food and drink in (destination)
  • Body (100-200 words)
  • H2 (destination) with easyjet holidays
  • Body (50-100 words)
To Apply: Contact with the company from their website.

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