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Are you a content specialist or copywriter looking to work remotely? Take a look at some of the best remote based copywriting or content strategy jobs and apply now.

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Why Get a Remote Based Copywriting Jobs?

As you most likely know by now, the remote work economy has been growing exponentially over the past few years, with many companies going partially or even fully remote.

But of course, some jobs are more convenient than others when it comes to working remotely. Luckily, copywriting is one of the most popular remote based professions, since you only need a computer, internet connection and text editor.

How to Get a Remote Based Copywriting Job?

Here are some tips to maximize your chances when applying for a remote based job:

  • Create a killer website or portfolio. During the process of applying to remote copywriting positions, you’ll most likely have a lot of competition to beat. As such, it’s important that you catch the recruiters’ attention from the get-go and there’s nothing like a well-built website of portfolio document showcasing all your best work to do so.
  • Choose a niche. If you don’t have much professional experience, it’s okay to start your remote career without a specific niche. However, as you create more and more, figuring out an area that you particularly like to write about can help you find positions that are much more suited for you.
  • Market yourself. Making it as a self-employed professional is very much about putting your name out there. Make sure to use social media to promote your services, and don’t forget some good old word-of-mouth at any relevant business events you attend.
  • Know where to look for opportunities. Nowadays, there are many resources where you’ll find lists of jobs that are specifically remote. Why not start by going through our list? Scroll up and good luck on your job hunt!

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