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Job Published on: January 13th, 2020

Available to applicants based in: Anywhere

Note: Applications to this position have been closed. 

We at Vimerson Health are creating the model for the companies of the future. We are a 100% remote and happiness-led company that encourages self-empowerment and radical transparency. We put happiness, fulfillment, joy, peace, and harmony before everything. We have the double advantage of helping people with our natural Dietary Health Supplements.

In just 4 and a half years from its inception, Vimerson Health has sold more than 3 million bottles of our supplements and continues to grow and expand. Our Culture prioritizes team members’ happiness over everything else (yes, even over sales and profit). We recognize that it’s impossible to do 2 things at the same time, so having to put things in order of priority we decided that our Team Members’ happiness and fulfillment are First, our Customers’ happiness and fulfillment are Second, and revenue and profit are Third. 

We are self-funded therefore we have the freedom to make these decisions. We do not respond to a board of directors whose tendency is to focus on the short-term monetary goal. We have no rigid hours and boast our very own dedicated in-house Happiness Coach. At Vimerson we are creating a company not for the next 10 years, but for the next 10 generations. This may be difficult for some to comprehend but we endeavor with an infinite mindset, one day at a time. 

We are currently looking to welcome to our Team an experienced and skilled Talent Manager Acquisition. Our goal is to expand our current remote team of 20 professionals to 35 in the next 12 months, and continuing this expansion in the following years. 

If you are an experienced A Player AND you resonate with who we are, then we encourage you to apply. Cultural fit is our top priority.

Who You Are:

You are experienced and confident in your recruiting abilities and LOVE what you do. You are able to work on your own initiative while contributing to a close-knit family-like team, setting and achieving multiple goals within deadlines. You work hard and smart, you love being accountable, you are dedicated, you are a great team player, you love to grow and contribute, but more importantly, you put happiness and fulfillment first, proactively seeking your ideal life-work harmony.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Source, engage, and hire Top Talent for multiple roles, including but not limited to: Top Management, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Advertising, Customer Happiness, Business Development, and Administration;
  • Post job descriptions, evaluate and select applicants from various job boards;
  • Manage applicants’ funnel;
  • Build and execute interview plans;
  • Conduct thorough phone screens/interviews to evaluate applicant qualifications and job requirements;
  • Prepare offers, negotiate compensations, and ultimately sign top candidates, onboarding them into the organization.


  • You have a successful recruiting record spanning various geographical areas, specializing in Europe;
  • Experience recruiting both in-house and agency-side, and/or in startups, e-commerce, digital marketing, and healthcare, is a plus;
  • You are well-versed in utilizing recruiting tools to source a diverse set of candidates;
  • You are self-organized, focused, have an ability to manage and meet multiple deadlines, and is IT savvy;
  • You are metrics-minded and let the numbers drive your approach;
  • You are creative, strategic and always striving to improve;
  • You have initiative, drive, and confidence to set and achieve goals outside of your regular day-to-day tasks, love driving process, and take ownership of the candidature journey start-to-end;
  • You are a relationship builder and will proactively engage with managers and candidates;
  • You love working in a silent and focused place with no distractions, where you are able to deliver your best performance and achieve goals;
  • Fluent English is a must.

We Offer:

  • A full-time remote job which means the FREEDOM of working from any place in the world;
  • Flexibility of working hours (work according to your rhythm);
  • Outstanding learning opportunities in a company that achieved amazing results in e-commerce in less than 5 years;
  • Unlimited possibilities for personal and professional growth;
  • A dedicated Happiness Manager within the team to take care of your happiness at work and ensure a healthy work/life harmony;
  • 20 PTO days to use for personal needs during the year;
  • Free Vimerson merchandise;
  • An unlimited supply of Vimerson Health Supplements, for your own personal consumption :);
  • Charity Match: The company will match any donations that you personally make to your charity of heart. We want to support each Team Member’s cause to make the world a better place.
If you feel like you are the perfect fit then send your CV and cover letter to hr@vimerson.com

Wish to know more about who we are and what our Values are? Then keep reading!

We have a culture within our team that we live by every day, not because it is a requirement, but because we genuinely strive for each member of our team to be happy and fulfilled with their tasks and their work. We are responsible for each other’s happiness by treating each other with real care and respect, and we take these principles into every aspect of our work. 

* We WOW each other because WE CARE.

Customers are our biggest assets, both internal and external. We treat each other with love, patience, and respect like we treat our family. We do this by attentively listening and taking care of what is needed. Doing the right thing is always the right thing. This can translate into asking ourselves: What can I do to make this person amazingly happy right now?

* We are Honest, Transparent and Open.

We hear the Truth and we speak the Truth with ourselves and with each other. We do this with radical transparency and radical candor because we care about ourselves and about each other.

* We are always Learning, Growing and Innovating.

We embrace failures because we turn them into useful lessons. This is how we learn and grow. Every team member is in charge of innovating. This means doing things better, not accepting things as they are because that is the way we have been doing things.

* We are One Team.

We work together as the best teams of professional athletes do. We help and support each other. Our Work Ethic is impeccable, we work smartly and we always look to win as a Team. We communicate, share ideas and best practices to collaborate even better. We are not an average Company, our Products are not average, our Service is not average, and our Team Members are not average. We are A Players creating a synergy that gives life to an Incredible Team. We bring each other higher.

* We are Accountable.

We are liable because we are responsible. We always reflect on the lessons we take out of each situation. Whenever we experience a failure, we ask ourselves: What happened? What was it that turned out in a way I did not desire? How can I avoid this in the future? This is how we learn. We ask ourselves these questions and share our knowledge with our Team and we take action.

Sounds like you? Welcome to our Amazing Team!

Interested? Apply now!

Applications to this position have been closed. 

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