Internet Analyst – Nepal in Appen

Appen is seeking smartphone or tablet users for a large-scale image collection project. In this task, using our Appen Mobile Recorder (AMR) app, participant will be asked to use their devices to take specific high-quality photos in different categories and languages.

Categories of images include Handwriting, Signages, Packaging, Multi-section functional documents, and Uniform/denser text. Data collected will be used to train and develop artificial intelligence algorithms behind image recognition technologies.

We expect participants to take a minimum of 15 images per day (more we always welcome)


  • The object should be in the middle of the picture and not too many other things around.
  • Do not make blurry images.
  • Do not use filters (Snapchat, Instagram, etc) for the images.
  • It should be clear from the image what is the focus/object.
  • Images cannot have human faces in them.
  • The object of interest should be in the center of the screen and cover the largest part.

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